Leaning into Change with the McAfee Family

With today’s current climate, many companies are building cultures and infrastructures to support working from home (WFH). Like most transitions, this brings equal parts expectation and surprise.

For some, working from home means having more quality time with family or finally being able to take that 10 a.m. yoga class. It means experimenting with homeschooling schedules and more puppy time. Learning how to use funny webcam filters and backgrounds has never seemed more important.

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At McAfee, we are no exception to this evolution. We have virtual employees around the world, including team members who have recently transitioned to remote work. See how some of our McAfee family is adapting to this environment:

“It’s just my wife and me and our two cats, so we’ve been fortunate that our primary inconvenience has been trying to keep the kitties from pouncing on our warm laptops.” Dennis, Product Marketing

“Although walks are slightly different with trying to maintain the 6 ft distance with strangers, it’s nice to see more of the neighborhood going out for  walks with their family and pets. I’ve never seen so many people walking around before!” Sarah, Business Operations

“Thankfully, we set up our home office a few years ago, and it’s been very comfortable to work from for me. The hardest part is not having social interactions, but I’m trying to make conscious efforts to reach out to people.” Aki, Product Design

“I’m grateful for all the added family time that we have now! Also, the house has probably not been this clean in YEARS.” Tiffany, Product Marketing

“I was very used to going to the office so working from home has been a change. However, I get to see my family much more often than before.” Pablo, Product Management

“I was fortunate enough to work remotely before it was required, but my coworker here helps give structure to my days with morning, lunch, and evening walks, almost bookending my workday!” Jonathan, Product Marketing

“Transitioning to working from home full-time has taught me the need to establish a routine and stick to it. I make sure I’m exercising, setting work hours and taking breaks. The first couple of weeks without that routine in place was tough, but now I feel more balanced and not drained. Another good tip: Always keep healthy snacks and water at your work station!” Lily, Program Manager

“Working from home is turning out to be great! I have the perfect work station with a standing desk to stay productive. I love having my five-year-old daughter, Stella, visit me in my makeshift office between her online school sessions and seeing my wife and daughter more than ever before!” Martin, Product Management

“Transitioning to working remotely has been a bit rocky, but the 10-step commute and daily lunch with my wife makes it much less painful. My two dogs have been the real winners!” Alex, User Research

“I had minor shoulder surgery right before the quarantine and couldn’t carry a monitor from the office, so I made it work with an old TV on my kitchen counter! I can sit AND stand at my new desk, and the proximity to snacks and fresh coffee is a nice perk.” —Iram, Marketing Operations

“My three active kids were rarely in the house prior to this event. Now dinner together is a regular thing, and everyone is enjoying it. I’m thinking games and puzzles might be a way to avoid it devolving into a Lord of the Flies scenario.” —Tracy, Product Management

“The work/home balance is a constant effort of refinement. Though it has been somewhat rocky at times, I’ve found my stride and am now getting to spend more time with my family in the morning and at night.” Jon, Visual Design

“I’m so glad I took some time to set up a dedicated workspace – it made a huge difference. The cat’s still on my lap, and I’m still in the living room, but I’m off the couch and in a real chair, and have places to put my stuff, so I don’t have to hunt around every morning.” Paula, Executive Communications


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