McAfee Team Members Share Their Virtual Onboarding Experiences

At McAfee, ensuring our new team members are well prepared and supported for their roles is a top priority. From the first day of onboarding, team members are nurtured and given the tools they need for successful development.

McAfee’s traditional in-person orientation process has evolved virtually because of the pandemic. But the approach and goal is the same – to transition new team members as efficiently and comfortably as possible so they can make an immediate impact.

We asked four recent additions to the McAfee family what it’s like to join the company via virtual onboarding. They were asked to share how McAfee helped them acclimate to work life as a new employee and to offer highlights now that they’ve settled into their new roles.

Here is what they had to say:

Daniella, Regional Account Manager, Plano, Texas

Virtual resources make a difference: “It was my first time onboarding virtually and it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The process was executed very well, and all training materials were made available to me online. I believe providing these virtual resources was extremely helpful in my onboarding experience.”

Settling in with the right tools, team support: “Like most people in similar circumstances, I wondered what virtual onboarding was going to be like. How could I possibly retain this amount of information? At the end of the day, you realize that you really do have all the right resources. My manager was great and looped me in, and was able to help me to quickly acclimate to my role on the team. My onboarding buddy and fellow team members were also a huge help.”

Engaging and exceeding expectations: “I adapted to my new work life and virtually accomplished everything that most do in-person. I took all of my assessments online and team members offered the different resources that were essential to accomplishing my day-to-day work. My trainer was also very engaging throughout the process.”

Virtually learning to engage customers: “Through daily meetings, my sales coach prepared me for interactions with customers. I learned different ways to engage for meetings and customer visits, and was able to practice my sales pitch just as if it were in person.”

Building better relationships: “In cybersecurity, you are constantly in a state of learning. You never stop the process of improving yourself, your skills, your salesmanship and your relationships. I am now acclimated to my role and building better relationships with my customers.”

John, Global Business Director – Amazon, Seattle, Washington

A Productive Day One: “The basic onboarding process was easy and enabled me to get the necessary tools like a badge, email and computer equipment prior so that the first day on the job was more productive than prior experiences. I could preview the excellent benefits and enroll shortly after starting, as well as acquire office equipment necessary for me to work from home.”

Easy-to-follow training, introductions: “As an experienced leader, I had no apprehension about virtual onboarding. McAfee’s training and general onboarding introductions were easy to follow and required no advance preparation. While some of the training was time consuming, it was not a burden and frankly insightful.”

Finding balance and having fun: “My role is global, so I found balance between work and family time by juggling the global time zones and meetings. The numerous social and professional groups as well as the MS Teams program with McAfee helped with acclimating to the company. McAfee always keeps it fun with competitions and challenges on the Social Hub between employees. Virtual coffee and happy hours help too.”

Collaborative and better together: “We’re having a strong year, and a big reason is that the team has been very welcoming and always willing to provide training and support – very collaborative. Our best days lie ahead. We are better together and getting better every day.”

Mark, Director of Credit and Collections, Plano, Texas

A very normal virtual experience: “Initially, I experienced some apprehension about onboarding remotely. It’s difficult enough to learn a new job in the office, and I was worried that learning remotely without having someone sitting next to me might complicate training. But my anxiety quickly dissipated, and I can honestly say that the McAfee onboarding experience felt very normal. My manager, peers and those reporting to me were extremely helpful and stayed in constant communication as I navigated through the first several weeks at McAfee.”

Ease of learning through technology: “Virtual meetings via Teams helped me to quickly acclimate. Talking to others via video was comforting and enabled me to get to know other McAfee team members. McAfee’s onboarding technology made it very easy to learn remotely.”

No need to fear onboarding remotely: “I can truly say that the one major highlight that stands out for me is just getting to know so many amazing employees in this organization. No one should fear or have any anxiety when onboarding virtually at McAfee. It has been and continues to be a great and exciting experience!”

Rachel, Sr. Sales Operations Analyst, Plano, Texas

Easy to learn and understand: “The virtual onboarding experience was easy. The learning hub is an excellent resource and helped simplify the process, in addition to offering great product training. As someone who is not only new to McAfee but also the cybersecurity industry, I knew I would have a lot to catch up on. Everything was very easy to understand.”

Very responsive and helpful: “My recruiter stayed in touch with me and made sure my questions were answered. Any time I needed something, the human resources department was very responsive and helpful. My team also rallied around me and have provided a lot of support since I joined McAfee.”

Achieving a steady course: “I love it at McAfee and everyone has been so supportive. Teammates have been incredibly helpful in guiding me through each of their best practices so I could build my roadmap to success.”

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