My Experience as a Finance Intern at McAfee for Summer 2020

By: Nilisha, Finance Intern, Plano, TX, United States

Amidst this global pandemic, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a Finance Intern at McAfee this summer. Working remotely was something that I never thought I would have to do so soon, however, my experience was nothing short of amazing. From the onboarding process to all of the trainings and workshops, McAfee helped make sure all of the summer interns had the most enriching experience.

As a leading-edge cybersecurity company, McAfee offers advanced security solutions to consumers, small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments. Security technologies from McAfee use a unique and predictive capability, which enables home users and businesses to stay one step ahead of the next wave of fileless attacks, viruses, malware, and other online threats.

As a Central Finance Intern, I was exposed to many different programs and softwares such as Hyperion (financial reporting), SAP (managing financials), Qlik (data discovery and analytics), and Power BI (data modeling). I worked with supportive project leads who enabled me to ask as many questions as I wanted and guided me to successfully complete my projects. My work was used on the latest company cash forecasting, and being recognized for that felt really great. Additionally, during the course of the summer, my fellow interns and I worked together to help automate some of the pre-formatting done on the “big-guy” massive Excel workbook that contained the company financials, known as the CRIB. Getting my hands on that and working with macros and VBA codesmade me realize how I was actually able to solve things on my own and reach out for help whenever I got stuck.

Some fun activities that we did to make our experience as normal as possible was a Finance Intern picnic at a park nearby the office, had a virtual coffee with the CEO, Peter Leav, a Ruins Forbidden Treasure Virtual Escape Room, and numerous Microsoft Teams calls to wind down and grasp the fact that we were lucky enough to make a long-lasting impact. Moreover, People Success, the human resources organization at McAfee, organized many workshops and virtual intern meet-ups from interns across North America. This was a great way to see what other interns were working on and how their experiences were similar and different from mine.

Overall, I found my time at McAfee to be one of the most profoundly educational and productive experiences of my career. I am extremely thankful to McAfee for their investment in me, and for providing me the opportunity to learn, develop, and grow as a member of the McAfee team this summer.

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