Spotlighting McAfee’s Women in Technology Scholarship Recipients

Working at McAfee is so much more than fighting off cyber-attacks; it’s also about learning valuable life lessons and fostering meaningful relationships. Recipients of our Women in Technology (WIT) Scholarship learned firsthand the immeasurable growth and invaluable experience gained at McAfee through their participation in the summer internship program in Cork, Ireland.

As we accept applications for prospective scholars from now until November 20, we are reminded of the positive impact this program has had on previous participants. The program offers 3000 Euro annum for the chosen student per year of the course, a summer internship at McAfee Cork, and a mentor who offers guidance to the scholar on managing their academic career.

From building professional relationships to developing the skills needed for a successful career in STEM-related fields through mentorships and training, four Women in Technology (WIT) Scholarship winners share their unique experiences in the program:

Alison, Mathematical Sciences

The WIT Scholarship has been incredible for me in so many ways—from the practical experience of working at McAfee to the inspiration and support that I have received from my mentors and other brilliant people during my time here. I was able to put the monetary support I received towards studying at UC San Diego in 2019. The scholarship has opened so many doors for me.

The skills I have learned at McAfee have helped me with my University projects. I had the chance to improve my coding abilities, learn new languages, and use statistical tools. In an educational environment, you sometimes miss the “Why are we doing this?” aspect of learning a new skill. Through my projects at McAfee, I understood the practical implementation of coding and statistics, which gave me a greater appreciation for what I was learning in school and motivated me to further improve my skills.

Clodagh, Financial Maths and Actuarial Science

During my internship, I had the chance to work with the Database Security team. I really felt like a member of the team and was made to feel valued. Everyone in McAfee was extremely friendly and approachable.

In addition to receiving the scholarship, I was lucky enough to receive two mentors. My initial mentor Ciara was incredibly thoughtful, motivational, and truly inspiring. She encouraged me to take part in extracurricular activities, so I became a committee member of the Math society in UCC. She provided me with numerous inspirational books and was always readily available to answer any questions. At the end of my second-year scholarship, I received a new mentor: Jill. She  was incredibly helpful, kind, and a valuable resource in my career progression.

My plan for the future is to learn more coding languages and hopefully complete another internship with McAfee! It is truly an amazing experience.

Jade, Mathematical Sciences

I had the opportunity to work alongside the Applied Data Science team. They gave me lots of advice and enlightened me on their own career journeys. Their experiences gave me confidence and reassurance in my course choice and I realized that there are so many career opportunities in programming. I’ve learned so many new skills, some of which were not covered in school, and I feel like I have a true advantage in the industry.

I have learned so much about working in a multinational company. I participated in the daily stand-ups with the team. I learned about sprint demos as well as the Agile and Waterfall methods. I attended all-hands meetings, which was a brand-new experience for me. I learned how to research effectively and swiftly pass that information onto my team. I also participated in an internal dataset competition; First, learning about Machine Learning and then building my own. I managed to host my own meeting for others who wanted to get involved, which was nerve-wracking but I’m glad I did it.

Aine, Data Science & Analytics

I’m incredibly grateful for the vast support and opportunities that I have received through my learning path in STEM to date, particularly my involvement in the McAfee WIT Scholarship Program. My experience with McAfee has  further enriched my educational experience and cultivated my passion for science and technology.  As a result of receiving this scholarship, I’ve developed a particular interest in the application of data science in cyber-security. Cyber crime and cyber threats have an ever-increasing potential to cause serious harm to our society so I’m fascinated by the application of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence in saving lives.

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Know any future scientists? The closing date to apply for the WIT Scholarship is Friday, November 20, 2020. For more details on applying, click here.

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