How I Use McAfee’s Volunteer Time Off to Help Lost Paws Find Homes

by Christine, Sales Operations, Plano

Imagine sixteen paws, eight floppy ears and four wagging tails happily greeting you at the door—that’s my welcoming committee every day. Dogs have always held a special place in my heart, but it wasn’t until I added the third to my pack that I felt dogs were my passion.

I averaged 100 volunteer hours a year for an animal rescue, but with the Volunteer Time Off benefit at McAfee, I can add another 32 hours to that, which allows me even more time to support rehoming approximately 650 animals per year. 

Answering the Howl

Six years ago, my calling found me when I adopted my third from Lost Paws Rescue of Texas. During my conversations with the founder and volunteers, I learned Lost Paws operated with little to no funding and they supported animals on the side of their full-time jobs! There was no shelter or storefrontit’s a foster-only rescue, which means donations directly support the animals and programs.

Impressed and inspired, something just clicked. With my hobby marketer skills and passion for animals, I could help. 

Learning New Tricks 

My top talent is ideation, and since my household is nearly at capacity with canine companions, I come up with other ways to volunteer. It’s my creative outlet. I take pictures of the animals, work adoption events, add story updates to the website and learned how to help with SEO as well as make crate pads and bandanas for the animals. 

Helping animals find a loving home is rewarding but carving out time to make an impact is challenging. That’s why I’m so appreciative to work for a company that offers time off to volunteer. With four days off per year to volunteer, I know I’m supported in giving back to a cause that is important to me.   

Most recently, I’ve used McAfee’s Volunteer Time Off benefit to expand my skill set with grant writing classes. With stronger writing skills, I could better support funding requests for Lost Paws.  

Making an Impact with McAfee 

Giving back in these different ways is rewarding. I’ve helped grow Lost Paws Rescue’s participation in community giving initiatives. Through our SEO efforts when DFW rescues are

 Googled, Lost Paws Rescue of Texas appears on the front page (alongside some of the larger, global animal rescues!). I’m also proud to share that grant writing classes were helpful as we were awarded $26K for a couple of my successful submissions just last fall. 

McAfee’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) benefit is simply awesome. We are so lucky to have volunteer days as employees. I’m constantly trying to figure out a new way to serve this cause. It’s been a labor of love—for me, for the animals and for this organization and it’s empowering to know McAfee supports me along the way. 

Here, I can bring all my passions, interests and talents through the door. 

Interested in working for a company that supports giving back? Search our openings. 

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