What is a McAfee Internship Like? 10 Interns Share Perspectives

At McAfee, we foster meaningful internship experiences within our fast-paced world of cybersecurity We know it’s the next generation that will build tomorrow’s technology solutions. McAfee interns make substantial contributions and are valued as global team membersjoining our mission to protect all that matters. 

This year, McAfee took the intern experience virtual due to the global pandemic. While not our typical experience, this year’s interns continue to thrive. To celebrate National Intern Day, we asked our interns around the world to share insights gained from their experiences.

My new colleagues and leaders have helped me transition from college life to my full-time internship at McAfeeThe people I work with put the customer at the core and are driven to provide the best quality security software. Since day one, I’ve always felt part of the McAfee family.” 

Aaron, QA Engineering and Software Development Intern, Cork


I was interested in McAfee because of the culture. I wanted to work at a place where I was treated well. Everyone is willing to step in and help you get back on the right track. I’ve had to adapt to an online internship environment, but I’m being equipped well to learn and do my work, and I’m really grateful to still have this opportunity. 

Benaisha, Finance Intern, Plano


I was interested in interning a second year at McAfee because of the company’s values and workplace practices. I also enjoyed working in a positive and constructive atmosphere—it’s important to work for a company that wants to help you grow. Ive been able to collaborate and work with people from all over the globe and increase my communication skillsMy biggest takeaway is to never limit yourself and always be openminded in your career field. Today, I’m confident in my capabilities because of the exposure McAfee has given me. 

Blair, People Success Intern, Plano

The current times have made me appreciate how important communication and great teamwork truly is. My colleagues have been excellent mentors and are always available when I have questions. During my time at McAfee, I have taken on the responsibility of QA Lead on a project and have become involved with employee resource groups, including the Women in Security (WISE) Community and Cork Culture Club. 

Deirdre, QA Engineering and Software Development Intern, Cork

“McAfee provided a platform where I
truly feel engaged by various aspects of technology. Most importantly, my work involving foundations for security and data exchange layer has enhanced the quality of my programming. am now more comfortable with the organizational structure, seeking appropriate information and obtaining specific knowledge for responsible project ownership. I am greatly inspired by the vast, positive response by my team in creating an overall environment which fosters growth and career development.” 

Divya, Technical Intern, Bangalore

When I visited the Córdoba site on a college trip, I liked what my eyes sawa very comfortable workplace environment to grow professionally. I viewed this internship as an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge alongside the best professionals in the field. I am learning new technologies, new work approachesinteracting with other professionals and working together as a team, as well as improving my English and living the McAfee Values.” 

Emiliano, Undergraduate Technical InternCórdoba

“I’m learning how the cloud computing industry is actively changing our world. My McAfee team has helped broaden my understanding of computer networking/provisioning, building on what I’ve learned at my university and filling in the gaps. 
This experience has been incredible because we are constantly learning new technologies as a team. Thank you, McAfee, for continuing your internship program during the pandemic.”

Francisco, DevOps Engineer Intern, Santa Clara


 “I wanted to learn more about the ever-evolving cybersecurity world, which is applicable to any and every field or industry. This internship has allowed me to gain knowledge about the private sector while also fulfilling my interest in law. I’ve learned attention to detail and how the ability to effectively negotiate is essential. All the contracts and agreements that are processed through our team are highly important to the business. This is the most impactful and meaningful internship I’ve had in my entire college career. McAfee’s culture is inclusive — and even though I’m an undergraduate intern who is here for a short time, I really feel part of the team.” 

Gia, Public Sector Legal Intern, Reston


McAfee became one of the top companies on my list during my time in an internship program at school as I learned about our products and mission. I wanted to learn more about cybersecurity and to expand my horizons. I have the opportunity to help maintain and improve the system of testing environments for engineers across McAfee. The people I work with regularly provide feedback, guidance and are extremely helpful. McAfee is truly a great place to work, to learn, and more importantly, it’s filled with amazing and talented individuals. Im extremely grateful for the opportunity and thankful to have this incredible experience.”  

Jeff, Software Development Engineering Intern, Hillsboro

“I’m gaining skills and experiences I cannot learn in school. While working on different projects, I’ve been able to familiarize myself with existing UI patterns, work with product managers and engineers to gauge the feasibility of my solutions, receive feedback, iterate on my designs and learn from an amazing community of people.”

Katie, UX Design Intern, Santa Clara

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