Women in Sales Part 1: Opportunities for Women Across Cybersecurity Sales

Collaborative, inclusive teams are what redefine cybersecurity solutions for every aspect of our connected world. At McAfee, women are making a significant impact in cybersecurity, including all aspects of sales.  

Executive vice president of global sales and marketing, Lynne Doherty, shares her perspective on the importance of inclusion and leads us into the start of our Women in Sales series: “Fostering inclusion and diversity remains a key ingredient for business success. With the vast benefits to successfully hiring and retaining a workforce shaped by different perspectives, it is predicted that 75 percent of businesses with diverse frontline decision-making teams will exceed their financial targets through 2022. [Gartner, 2019] – Thus proving that inclusion and diversity isn’t just good for company culture, it’s good for business.

“Today, businesses recognize work remains to diversify technology sales. A part of that effort includes a focus on increasing gender diversity right here at McAfee. Opportunities exist for women of varying skillsets and interests across our global sales organization — from sales operations, inside sales, field sales and channel sales to sales engineering.

“Below, meet some of the talented women in sales who have succeeded at McAfee. In this first feature, women share their perspectives on how they continue to break boundaries and achieve success in tech sales.”

Meet McAfee’s Women in Sales

“As women, we have been gaining much more space in the professional world, and companies like McAfee are where we are increasingly more relevant. The sector is evolving, and the market and opportunities are growing. As long as women continue to prepare themselves, starting from time spent in school, and understand that this is a good opportunity to develop, we will improve the statistics. McAfee is a company that promotes (women in management) and it shows, even in the selection processes. I really appreciate this at McAfee.”

— Andrea, Enterprise Sales, Bogotá, Colombia

“Many women think you have to be technical to be in tech sales and that isn’t true. I came to McAfee understanding sales and relationship management. Since being here, I’ve focused on upping my security and technology knowledge. I’ve found not being too technical allows me to listen more to the customer and focus on the desired business outcome. Often, the engineers can get deep into the technology, but I think it’s important to be the intermediary; I stay in the ‘forest’ not the trees.”

—Ashley, Consumer Sales, Richmond, Virginia

“We need to ensure women have the confidence to apply for the roles within IT. I encourage women to move outside your comfort zone and shrug off stigmas. We are more than entitled to sit at this table.”

—Eadaoin, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland

“In the corporate world, women face challenges from many different angles. Often, I may be the only woman in a room or on my teams, but my advice would be to remain confident and not to second guess your position or authority. While I may be the only woman many times, I also am often the only woman of color, which makes it even more important we continue to advocate for representation. Diversity comes in all forms and quite frankly is necessary because it brings a unique value to a team. At the start of my career, I learned the importance of demonstrating my skills and that I shouldn’t shy away, hold back or “wait for my turn” which has been advantageous when an opportunity presents itself.”

—Jardin, Inside Sales, Plano, Texas

“Sales has changed considerably in the 20 years I’ve worked in tech.  In an early role, I was told a man would never buy from a woman. I was inspired to prove that wrong. These days the environment is entirely different. McAfee, like many companies, has zero tolerance for such conduct or mindset. The culture is positive, inclusive and one where anyone can succeed. Each of us has a responsibility to show future generations that cybersecurity is a great career option for all.”

—Katie, Enterprise Sales, Cheltenham, England

“I see the two primary challenges for women in tech sales as perception and awareness. There is a traditional view that you must be technical to work in technology. I‘m not naturally technical, and I always assumed you had to have a technical background like coding or programming. And, that is not the case so. You can learn technology if you have all the other skills that make a great salesperson.”

—Krista, Enterprise Sales, Detroit, Michigan

“In terms of numbers, while we’re making progress, I’d love for us to see more women in tech, especially in sales. This is why mentoring, sponsorship and support for women in sales is so important – whether as the customer or the vendor. When you and your customer have things in common like gender, culture and experience it helps to strengthen the relationship and sales process.”

—Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, Texas

“In my previous experiences, I’ve been one of the only women at the table. I would tell women not to get discouraged by this; it is about finding the right company for you. Find what makes you happy to get up every day to be part of it.”

—Paige, Sales Operations, Plano, Texas

“Historically, I was the only woman in the room, but things have definitely changed! Women may too quickly dismiss technology as a career, but in sales, it’s all about finding a solution for your customer, and women have amazing skillsets to do that.”

—Brenda, Consumer Sales, Vancouver, British Columbia

Learn more about how McAfee women in our sales organization leverage their skillsets for a successful career in our upcoming blog.

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