You Bring the Yoga Mat, McAfee Brings the Goats

By on Jan 23, 2020

Yogis are likely familiar with the term vinyasa, but have you heard of caprine vinyasa? Caprine vinyasa elevates your standard yoga practice to a whole new level – with goats!

At McAfee, we recognize how beneficial stepping away from our desk can be for both our bodies and minds. Taking time to recharge, reset, and care for our physical and mental health is critical to live our best lives at and away from the office.

To offer our team members a smile-inducing wellness opportunity to practice mindfulness, we brought goats to the office for a yoga session. Why goats? Because animal therapy is known to lower blood pressure, lower anxiety, and increase mental stimulation (this is also why you can bring your dog to the office on Fridays!).

During our goat yoga day, goats climbed on people, nuzzled up next to others, and played with each other across the yoga mats. It was nearly impossible to take anything too seriously or to leave without a smile.

“I never imagined I’d be doing yoga with my teammates, let alone with goats climbing on my back! For me, it says a lot about a company that cares enough about employees to offer time away from your desk to practice mindfulness in a unique way. I can’t say I’ll join the regular goat yogis, but it was great experience with my team!”– Jenna, People Analytics

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