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McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021

In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed and interpreted.

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Family Safety

How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Smartphone

If only more things in life came with training wheels; a child’s first smartphone could certainly use some.  Like taking off the training wheels and riding out into the neighborhood for the first time, a smartphone opens an entirely new world for children. There are apps, social media, group chats with friends, TikTok stars, and the joy of simply being ...


Comment vous préparer pour le premier smartphone de votre enfant

On aurait bien besoin d’un mode d’emploi pour préparer son enfant à son premier smartphone. Comme lorsque l’on retire les petites roues d’un vélo pour rouler librement dans le quartier pour la première fois, un smartphone ouvre un monde totalement nouveau aux enfants. Il y a les applications, les réseaux ...


Cómo prepararse para el primer smartphone de su hijo

De todas las cosas en la vida que deberían llevar ruedines, el primer smartphone de un hijo sería un candidato ideal. Como cuando le quita los ruedines a su hijo para que aprenda a montar en bici, los smartphones abren un mundo completamente nuevo para los niños. Descubren aplicaciones, redes ...


Vorbereitung auf das erste Smartphone Ihres Kindes

Wenn man sich für mehr Dinge im Leben Stützräder wünschte, wäre das erste Smartphone jedes Kindes auf jeden Fall darunter! Genau wie bei seiner ersten Fahrt auf der Fahrrad ohne die Stützräder, so betritt Ihr Kind auch mit seinem ersten Handy eine ganz neue Welt. Es gibt Apps, soziale Medien, ...


Was bietet sicheren Schutz vor Webcam-Hackern?

Zu Zeiten des Homeoffice und der damit verbundenen täglichen Zoom-Calls mit Kollegen nutzen wir sie öfter denn je: unsere Webcam. Aber wie sicher ist sie vor Zugriffen? Ist es wirklich so leicht, eine Webcam zu hacken? Kann die Webcam für Überwachung eingesetzt werden? All dies wollen wir im vorliegenden Artikel ...


McAfee a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Unstructured Data Security Platforms

The mass migration of employees working from home in the last 14 months has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses.  Cloud applications are no longer a “nice to have,” they are now essential to ensure that businesses survive.  This introduces new security challenges in being able to locate and control ...

Security Operations

Finding Success at Each Stage of Your Threat Intelligence Journey

Every week it seems there’s another enormous breach in the media spotlight. The attackers may be state-sponsored groups with extensive resources launching novel forms of ransomware. Where does your organization stand on its readiness and engagement versus this type of advanced persistent threat? More importantly, where does it want to ...


The Executive Order – Improving the Nation’s Cyber Security

On May 12, the President signed the executive order (EO) on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. As with every executive order, it establishes timelines for compliance and specific requirements of executive branch agencies to provide specific plans to meet the stated objectives. It is clear from the EO that the Executive ...


¿Cómo activar el control parental en YouTube? Bloquea los vídeos inapropiados

¿Tus hijos son aficionados a ver vídeos en YouTube? Y, ¿quién no? La mejor solución para impedir que tengan acceso a contenido inapropiado es bloquear YouTube con el control parental. Descubre qué es y cómo bloquear vídeos en YouTube. ¿Cómo bloquear YouTube con el control parental? YouTube es la plataforma ...

McAfee Labs

Are Virtual Machines the New Gold for Cyber Criminals?

Introduction Virtualization technology has been an IT cornerstone for organization for years now. It revolutionized the way organizations can scale up IT systems in a heartbeat, allowing then to be more agile as opposed to investing into dedicated “bare-metal” hardware. To the outside untrained eye, it might seem that there ...

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