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MVISON CNAPP - With No Power Comes More Responsibility

We're excited to announce our new cloud security service built especially for customers moving and developing applications in the cloud. We call it MVISION Cloud Native Application Protection Platform – or just CNAPP because every service deserves an acronym.

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Christmas Shopping 2020

How To Stay Safe While Shopping Online This Holiday Season I’m pleased to report that I’ve achieved a number of personal bests in 2020 but the one I’m most proud about is my achievement in the highly skilled arena of online shopping. I’ve shopped online like I’m competing in the ...


Cyber Monday – Protección contra las estafas en las compras online

Ya falta poco para el Cyber Monday – 10 consejos para proteger a su familia de las estafas en las compras online Usted no es el único que espera con ganas los grandes descuentos de estas fechas, como los del Black Friday y el Cyber Monday. Los hackers, también. Saben ...


‘Sleigh’ Holiday Shopping by Protecting Your Online Security

‘Sleigh’ Holiday Shopping by Protecting Your Online Security And just like that, the holiday shopping season is among us! Like consumers everywhere, you may be trying to plan ahead when it comes to picking out gifts for your friends and family, scouring far and wide to cross items off your ...

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Cyber Monday is Coming – 10 Tips to Protect You From Online Shopping Scams

Cyber Monday is Coming – 10 Tips to Protect You and Your Family from Online Shopping Scams You’re not the only one looking forward to the big holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hackers are too. As people flock to retailers big and small in search of the ...

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How to Prevent Keyboard Snooping Attacks on Video Calls

How to Prevent Keyboard Snooping Attacks on Video Calls Video conferencing has really taken off this year. With more people working and learning from home than ever before, video calling has rapidly become the mainstream method for remote communication, allowing users to stay connected. But very few may realize that ...

Security Operations

SOCwise: A Security Operation Center (SOC) Resource to Bookmark

Core to any organization is managing cyber risk with a security operations function whether it be in-house or outsourced. McAfee has been and continues their commitment to protecting cyber assets. We are dedicated to empowering security operations and with this dedication comes expertise and passion. Introducing SOCwise a monthly series ...


Bridge the Gap Between the Security You Have and the Security You Need

Change happens – sometimes much faster than expected – like it has in 2020. When the threat landscape shifts suddenly, security professionals must quickly react and change their security posture. This not only means reconfiguring existing security investments but also adding new ones. But given the number of heterogenous security ...

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Thankful for broadband internet, and hopeful for much more  

Thankful for broadband internet, and hopeful for much more    Where would we be without our internet this year?  We’ve shopped, worked, studied and taught, job hunted, and cared for each other online this year in ways we haven’t before—not to mention entertained ourselves plenty too. As so many of us have faced challenges and outright adversity this year, it’s difficult ...


Are You Prepared for Cybersecurity in the Boardroom?

Corporate boards have many dimensions of responsibility. Cybersecurity can be one of the most nuanced and important areas of focus for a board, but not all board members are well versed in why and what they need to care about related to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a board level topic for ...

Executive Perspectives

Home-Point Cybersecurity: Bring Your Enterprise Home

For more than 20 years, the cybersecurity industry has been focused on enterprises, not on a larger national integrated security environment – and certainly not on comprehensive home security. Smart devices that make home life more convenient have been growing in acceptance and adoption, but by and large, the industry ...

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