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Working from Home in 2020: How Cloud Use Changed

McAfee released a new research study titled Cloud Adoption & Risk Report – Work From Home Edition. The report uncovers a correlation between the increased use of cloud services and collaboration tools, such as Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with an increase in cyber-attacks targeting the cloud.

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McAfee Labs

Analyzing the Recent Windows Zero-Day Escalation of Privilege Exploit

Recently we caught a malicious sample that exploits a PDF vulnerability–CVE-2013-3346, we believe–and executes after a use-after-free condition occurs. During our analysis we noticed that this PDF sample also exploits a zero-day local Windows vulnerability–CVE-2013-5065–to escalate privilege. This zero-day occurs in NDProxy.sys under Windows XP and 2003. The exploitation of ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Electronics in Flight: How Harmful are Mobile Devices to Your Aircraft?

We all know the drill: before takeoff and landing the flight attendants do a final safety inspection, walking up and down the aisle to ensure everyone has their seat backs and tray tables up, seatbelts fastened and all electronic devices powered down. While this exercise has become second nature for ...

Family Safety

Helping Your Daughter Handle Mean Girls Online

It was an ordinary Tuesday after school. Sixteen year-old Allison was texting back and forth with her best friend Katie; both were trying to analyze if their secret crushes liked them “just as friends” or “more.” Every now and then, they’d exchange song lyrics and highlight the lines they loved. Then it ...

Identity Protection Mobile and IoT Security

Social Media Manipulation Is For Real, Some Call It As Crowd-Turfing!

An Indian investigative portal Cobrapost, recently released a report on alleged online reputation smearing/management/campaigns designed to gain/destroy political capital for who ever was the highest bidder or “customer”. Online world (social media) was abuzz with political motivations, and some where perplexed if it was even possible (amazed, surprised, dismissive etc.) Some of the bloggers/twitterati ...

Consumer Threat Notices

LG Smart TVs Leak Data Without Permission

Deals abound on gadgets and gizmos in the wintry weeks before Christmas, but could that shiny new toy on your loved one’s wish list put the whole family’s security at risk? Smart TVs will undoubtedly be one of the more hot ticket items this season, but a recently discovered security ...

Mobile and IoT Security McAfee Labs

More Japanese Chat Apps on Google Play Steal Phone Numbers

In two recent blogs, McAfee Labs described Japanese and Korean Android apps on Google Play that steal a mobile device’s phone number. We have now found two more Japanese chat apps that show similar behavior. These two apps have been downloaded between 10,000 and 50,000 times each. The developers of ...

McAfee Labs

JavaScript Apps on Google Play Steal Korean Phone Numbers

In a recent blog, McAfee Labs reported on suspicious JavaScript-based Android chat applications for Japanese users. These apps were found on Google Play, and steal users’ phone numbers. We have now found about 120 applications that use similar, but not the same, JavaScript techniques to steal a device’s phone number. ...

Mobile and IoT Security McAfee Labs

Japanese Chat App for Android Steals Phone Numbers

Update, December 5 The developer of the app Machin Chat has contacted McAfee and reported that the collection of phone numbers was inadvertent and that they have no malicious intent. We have verified that updated code no longer collects phone numbers. The updated app is available on Google Play. (Older ...

Family Safety

7 Things Parents Need to Know About the Voxer Voice App

Every five minutes, it seems, a new app comes out but only a handful stick with tweens and teens looking to connect in fun ways to friends online. When those apps make the “fun cut,” and rise to popularity it isn’t long before unwise users exploit them into cyber bullying ...

Consumer Threat Notices

US-B Careful: Public iPhone Chargers Lie in Wait

I’ve mentioned many times about the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi, but who would have thought that connecting your phone to a public USB charger could expose you to similar malware dangers? Researchers at Georgia Tech have found a vulnerability in Apple’s iPhone that allows for malicious apps to ...

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