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How McAfee Can Help You Scale Security to Employees Working from Home

We’re in a moment of rapid change for our IT environments. As companies shift from working in an office within their controlled network to working from home, many are finding that the architectures they have in place aren’t ready for the scalability and security challenges of a decentralized workforce.

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YouTube Video Scam Targets Facebook Users

Be advised cybercriminals are at it again, leveraging the popularity of Facebook and YouTube to scam consumers.We have seen several scams in the past spreading through Facebook promising of some leaked video of celebrities, or free Facebook T-shirts etc. The malware authors are making money by pay-per-click with these techniques. ...

Consumer Threat Notices

A Look Back: Top 5 Security Trends of 2012

As we look back on 2012, it’s impossible not to recall the many high-profile breaches and cybersecurity incidents that took place this year. 2012 has certainly been a rocky one for online safety and consumer security as a whole, with numerous high-traffic websites breached and more malware and mobile threats ...

Consumer Threat Notices

W32/Autorun Worm: A Nasty Bug for Your Computer

What do you think of when you hear the word “malware”? Most people think of the general term “virus”–something that a hacker puts on your computer that disrupts activity or steals information. In reality, malware (malicious software) can encompass a variety of different hacker tools, and true viruses are just ...

McAfee Labs

New Labs Report: ‘Analyzing Project Blitzkrieg’

Project Blitzkrieg, a current attack on US financial institutions, got a lot of media attention following a blog posting by RSA researchers who wrote they had discovered an operation run by an individual known as vorVzakone. RSA identified the malware as belonging to the Gozi family and labeled it Prinimalka. ...

Family Safety

Online Shopping – How To Avoid The Bad So You Can Enjoy The Good!

There is a very big part of me that truly believes online shopping was created in heaven for busy parents. I mean, what is not to love? No carpark wars, ridiculous register queues or sweaty scrambles to secure that ‘must have’ Xbox game. It really is the best Christmas present ...

Family Safety

Secret Lives of Indian Teens- A McAfee Survey

“So where’s your daughter?” “Oh, she is in her room, on the net,” replied the indulgent Mother. “These kids have to share everything with their friends immediately. She wants to share the news about our imminent trip abroad.” “Wow! That is good news indeed! But hope she is careful when ...

Mobile and IoT Security

App Lock: The Security System for Unprotected Mobile Apps

Lock: To fasten, to make secure, to confine or exclude by. To fix in place so that movement or escape is impossible; hold fast. The word ‘lock’ is relevant in every aspect of our modern lives. We lock our houses, cars, bikes, hotel rooms, computers, and even our luggage when ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Hackers Gone Hipster: Are Tumblr and Instagram Users Still at Risk?

Two newsworthy vulnerabilities hit the stands this week, both of particular interest to many of our at-home users. Monday morning, an infectious Tumblr virus was found after it published offensive messages to a few high-profile blogs. On the same day, a new Instagram vulnerability was made public that could allow ...

Family Safety

How To Prevent Your Emails Being Hacked

I have a fabulous friend called Rebecca*. Not only is she smart and clever but she is all class. Now, I had thought that I knew this friend particularly well but when I started receiving emails from her regarding a certain part of the male body that could be enlarged ...

McAfee Labs

Narilam Trojan Targets Iranian Financial Software

Iranian infrastructure has been on the radar of cyberattackers for a couple of years. We have already witnessed organized and sophisticated attacks such as Stuxnet, Duqu, and similar assaults. Now we have seen yet another attack against Iran, this one primarily targeting the Microsoft SQL Server databases of some Iranian ...

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