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The Tradeoff Between Convenience and Security – A Balancing Act for Consumers and Manufacturers

This week McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) published new findings, uncovering security flaws in two popular IoT devices: a connected garage door opener and a “smart” ring, which, amongst many uses, utilizes near field communication (NFC) to open door locks.

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Family Safety

10 Thoughtful (Free) Holiday Gifts to Give Your Digital Friends Year ‘Round

Just a quick poll. What feelings do these digital scenarios evoke: being ghosted, getting trapped in a group text, being left on ‘read,’ or someone blowing up your phone with a million messages? Did you cringe a little or drop your phone like a hot potato? You wouldn’t be alone. ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Don’t RSVP to This Holiday Party: Protect Yourself From the Emotet Trojan

The holiday season is officially among us. From last-minute holiday shopping to attending countless parties, this time of year keeps users busy. The holiday season is an especially busy time for cybercriminals as well. According to Bleeping Computer, the cybercriminals behind the Emotet trojan have been targeting users with a ...

Executive Perspectives

New Version of App Control Revving Up

As a leader in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program, McAfee is constantly innovating to meet and exceed the security needs of the federal government. Federal agencies count on McAfee to secure their networks and systems, from device to the cloud, and we’re always ...

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ST15: Bedrohungsinformationen (German)

In diesem Podcast beleuchten wir das Thema “Threat Intelligence” von verschiedenen Blickwinkeln. Hierfür haben wir uns kompetente Unterstützung von Markus Auer, seines Zeichens Sales Manager bei ThreatQ, dazugeholt, der uns durch die Kernthemen bei der Nutzung von Threat Intelligence leiten wird. Dabei betrachten wir die Annahme von Informationen, die Weiterverarbeitung ...

Podcast German

ST14: Cloud-Sicherheit (German)

In der heutigen Folge unterhalten sich Kai Langhoff und Chris Trynoga über das Thema Cloud Security. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei die Veränderungen und die Dynamik, welche sich durch den Einsatz dieser Technologien entwickelt hat, und wie diese mit sinnvollen Mitteln sichtbar und kontrollierbar gemacht werden kann. Hierzu stellen wir ihnen ...

Podcast German

ST13: Mobile Geräte – haben Sie die Sicherheit der Alleskönner im Visier? (German)

Die Grenzen zwischen den Endgeräten verwischt immer weiter: Ob klassischer Desktop-PC, Laptop oder eben vermehrt Smartphone und Tablet. Überall kann ich auf meine Daten zugreifen und mit ihnen arbeiten. Welche Auswirkung das jedoch auf die Sicherheit hat, wollen wir in unserem Podcast heute diskutieren. Hierfür zusammengekommen sind Konstantin Berger, unser ...


Here’s How the California Consumer Privacy Act Will Affect You

On May 25, 2018, the European Union implemented a new privacy legislature called the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. This regulation updated European law to give EU citizens more control over their data as a result of the hyper-connected world we live in today. Then last June, California responded ...


2019 Recap: A Year to Remember

Working Even Harder To End the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage The term “skills gap” is all too familiar to those in the cybersecurity industry. A recent ISACA survey found only 18% of respondents said they believed the cybersecurity skills gap will be mostly or entirely filled during the upcoming decade, while ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Cybercriminal Speaks With Child via Hacked Smart Camera: How You Can Stay Protected

IoT devices enter our homes out of ease and convenience, as the gadgets often optimize or streamline ordinary tasks — such as notifying us who’s at the front door or providing us home surveillance at the touch of a button. And though these devices are helpful, they also provide cybercriminals ...

Consumer Français

Comment éviter d’être victime de « Revenge Porn »

Après une rupture difficile, un amant éconduit peut choisir de canaliser sa colère avec de la crème glacée, une bonne crise de larmes ou encore l’humiliation publique de son ex. A une époque où la technologie est omniprésente, la dernière méthode utilisée par les personnes animées d’un désir de vengeance ...

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