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How McAfee Can Help You Scale Security to Employees Working from Home

We’re in a moment of rapid change for our IT environments. As companies shift from working in an office within their controlled network to working from home, many are finding that the architectures they have in place aren’t ready for the scalability and security challenges of a decentralized workforce.

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COVID-19 – Malware Makes Hay During a Pandemic

Special thanks to Prajwala Rao, Oliver Devane, Shannon Cole, Ankit Goel and members of Malware Research for their contribution and monitoring of related threats As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, it is no surprise that malware authors are exploiting the pandemic. McAfee recently released blogs around Covid-19 related ...


World Password Day 2020

Are Your Password Habits Keeping You Safe Online? Learning how to navigate our entire lives online has definitely been a steep learning curve for many of us over the last few weeks. Whether it’s working from home, helping our kids learn from home, conducting ‘wine time’ from home or even ...


Personal and Professional Development From Home

Personal and Professional Development from Home Like so many of us, I’m doing my best to look forward. While everyone’s situation is different from family to family, community to community, and even from country to country, one thing I hope is that you have the chance to look forward too—like ...


How to Ace Your Video Interview: Job Hunting From Home

How to Ace Your Video Interview: Job Hunting from Home, Part Two   So, it’s game day. Your online video interview is about to begin, and you’re feeling good. Okay, so maybe there are just a few nerves, but you know you’ve got this. The space you’ve set up for your ...


Setting the Stage for Your Video Interview: Job Hunting From Home

If you’ve lined up your first video interview, or just new to the whole idea in general, how do you get started? And how do you prepare for such a thing? In this article, we’ll cover the basics that will help you set the stage—and take a quick look at ...


Online Scam Awareness: Staying Safer in Uncertain Times

Online Scam Awareness: Staying Safer in Uncertain Times As we adjust to a changed world, bad actors are also changing the tactics they use to take advantage of people. You may have already encountered schemes that leverage fear and anxiety to make you click, buy, or respond to malicious communications. ...


Why Do I Need a Password Manager?

Whether you’re on the internet all day or sign on only occasionally, all of us have a lot of passwords to manage. What’s more, security experts recommend we use powerful and unique passwords for each online account to prevent serious crimes like identity theft. Fortunately, there’s an easy solve – ...

Life at McAfee

McAfee Values Its Working Mothers Globally

This Mother’s Day, and every day, McAfee recognizes all the hardworking mothers across our global workforce. We continue to make strides in our workplace culture, policies and programs to better serve working parents. Dierdre, a project manager located in our Cork office, talks about her experience below on transitioning back ...

Family Safety

What’s the Right Age to Give Your Child a Phone?

“Can I pleeease have my own phone?” The “first phone” is one of the most loaded questions a child can ask and it can start as early as elementary school. And, with kids homebound most of the time, boredom could be fueling that dreaded request even more. That’s because phones ...

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Tales From the Trenches; a Lockbit Ransomware Story

In collaboration with Northwave As we highlighted previously across two blogs, targeted ransomware attacks have increased massively over the past months. In our first article, we discussed the growing pattern of targeted ransomware attacks where the primary infection stage is often an info-stealer kind of malware used to gain credentials/access to ...

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