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10 Reasons to Celebrate 2020 with McAfee

Even in a year like 2020, there's ALWAYS things to celebrate! What better way to celebrate than to share some of McAfee's greatest accomplishments from 2020.

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2020 Hindsight – Top 10 Highlights from McAfee

2020 has been a tumultuous and unpredictable year, where we restructured our lives and redefined how we work and interact with each other. In the past nine months, we saw IT security and the digital world challenged and taken to new heights. Although 2020 has undoubtedly been a year of ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Top Phishing Lures to Look Out for This Holiday Season

Top Phishing Lures to Look Out for This Holiday Season And just like that, the holidays are here! That means it’s time to grab your devices and credit cards for some online holiday shopping. But while you plan to share the merry and shop for gifts, criminals are preparing some not-so-festive ...


Putting Protection to The Test

Putting Protection to The Test  This year has thrown a lot of challenges at us, and our digital lives were not immune. As millions of people around the world suddenly switched to working and learning online from home during the pandemic, digital threats spiked, making security and performance essential. At ...

Cloud Security

Think Beyond the Edge: Why SASE is Incomplete Without Endpoint DLP

The move to a distributed workforce came suddenly and swiftly. In February 2020, less than 40% of companies allowed most of their employees to work from home one day a week. By April, 77% of companies had most of their employees working exclusively from home. Organizations have been in the ...

Consumer Threat Notices

70,000 Phishing Emails Sent Impersonating the IRS: How to Stay Protected

70,000 Phishing Emails Sent Impersonating the IRS: How to Stay Protected  You wake up, log in to your Outlook, and find an email waiting in your inbox from Much to your confusion, the email claims that you have an outstanding account balance that you must pay immediately, or you will ...

Family Safety

Zooming with the Grandkids: Five Easy Video Chat Apps for the Holidays

Zooming with the Grandkids, Nieces, and Nephews: Five Free and Easy Video Chat Apps for the Holidays All the kids are doing it, and so can you. If you haven’t hopped onto a video chat with the family yet, the holidays are a great time to give it a whirl. ...

Life at McAfee

McAfee Team Members Share Their Virtual Onboarding Experiences

At McAfee, ensuring our new team members are well prepared and supported for their roles is a top priority. From the first day of onboarding, team members are nurtured and given the tools they need for successful development. McAfee’s traditional in-person orientation process has evolved virtually because of the pandemic. ...

Family Safety

5 Fun Ways to Keep Family Connections Strong (and Secure) This Holiday 

5 Fun Ways to Keep Family Connections Strong (and Secure) This Holiday The reality is beginning to hit: The holiday season will look and feel different this year. Traditional family gatherings, complete with mile-long dinner tables and flag football games, are now considered COVID “super spreader” events, putting a dent ...


Free VPNs May Still Come with a Price

Free VPNs May Still Come with a Price If we’re being honest, many of us are consuming a lot of online content these days, whether it be for work, education, or sheer entertainment. I know my family is trying to balance what we need to do online, like meetings and ...

Endpoint Security

What Truebill and Other Financial Apps Have in Common With EDR

Truebill, Chargebee, Fusebill and other financial apps have been inundating my social feeds and until recently I didn’t understand why I would need one of these apps. I’m the type that knows her bank account  balance to the penny and I was shocked to discover that many of my co-workers ...

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