Take Action This Data Privacy Day

We all know that data breaches have been on the rise, and hackers are finding clever, new ways to access our devices and information. But sometimes it takes a little push to get us to take action when it comes to protecting our most sensitive information. That’s why this Data Privacy Day, on January 28th, we have the perfect opportunity to own our privacy by taking the time to safeguard data, and help others do the same.

After all, there are now roughly four billion consumers connected online, living various moments of truth that could potentially put them at risk. From sharing photos and socializing with friends, to completing bank transactions—people expect to do what they desire online whenever and wherever they want. But as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”, and it is imperative that consumers take accountability, not just by enjoying the advantages of connecting online, but by protecting their online identities, too.

Remember, your personal information and online presence are as valuable as money, and what you post online can last a lifetime. Data Privacy Day is a reminder for everybody to make sure that they are protecting what matters most to them: their personal data, as well as their families and friends.

So, let’s get started. Even if you have a large online footprint, protecting this information doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Here are a few tips:

Update your privacy and security settings—Begin with the websites and applications that you use the most. Check to see if your accounts are marked as private, or if they are open to the public. Also, look to see if your data is being leaked to third parties. You want to select the most secure settings available, while still being able to use these tools correctly.  Here’s a guide from StaySafeOnline to help you get started.

Start the New Year with a new digital you— When opening new online accounts for sharing personal information such as your email address or date of birth, create a new digital persona that has alternative answers that only you would know. This will limit online tracking of your real personal information.

Lockdown your logins—At the same time, secure your logins by making sure that you are creating long and unique passphrases for all of your accounts. Use multi-factor identification, when available. This is a security protocol that takes more than just one step to validate your login, such as a password and a code sent to your mobile device, or a fingerprint. It is exponentially more secure than a simple password.

Spread the word and get involved— Once you have done your own privacy check, help others do the same. It’s important that we all feel empowered to protect our privacy, so share the safety tips in this article with your family, coworkers, and community. Here are some helpful resources to create privacy awareness where you live.

Protect your family and friends – If you are a parent, you can make a big difference by helping raise privacy-savvy kids. After all, today’s kids represent the future of online security. If they start building their digital footprints with solid safety habits, it makes all of us more secure.

Begin with this handy tip sheet.

Own your information—It’s time for everyone to feel empowered to own their information. While there will always be online threats, you can minimize any potential harm by committing yourself to the action steps we listed above. Once you have, spread the word by using the hashtag #privacyaware on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Let’s make this 12th annual international Data Privacy Day the most effective ever! Stay up to date with all the event happenings, here, and keep informed year-round on the latest threats and security tips.

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