Five Reasons Why True Key Is Our Knight in Shining Armor

Has it ever happened to you that you tried to log into an account only to find that you seem to be experiencing temporary amnesia and can’t recall what the username or password is? Or you need to pay your child’s school fees online but can’t find the diary where you wrote down the login details?

The connected era has brought the world literally into your hands- you can do so much online- but there is this one hassle – You have to remember all the passwords and keep them secret.

My friend Anita faced a ‘password-block’ the other day when she tried to pay her electricity bill online at the last minute. For the life of her she could not remember the password! She tried out several options, until the site locked her out for exceeding the maximum number of attempts.

You know the feeling and shudder at the thought of it happening again, hmm? Not to worry, here is your own knight in shining armor to the rescue, True Key.

Bid adieu to remembering different passwords for different sites. Relax, smile, hum a song if you want while you sign into your accounts – you have your very own password manager to handle the hassles. The True Key™ app not only offers you an easy and safe way to unlock your digital world, it also enhances your security. With this  you will not be required to maintain a written record of your passwords which is not safe at all and guess what, you also don’t have to stay signed in all the time (which makes your accounts so vulnerable)!

If you are like my friend Anita, who does all her shopping, bill payments and socializing online, you would love to have to have the True Key app. And I will tell you why.

Here are the top 5 reasons why True Key is your knight in shining armor:

  • Easy to install and sign in
  • Remembers all your login info like usernames and passwords
  • Uses multi-factor authentication to help you securely log into your online accounts using your face, finger print or a trusted device
  • Offers total privacy as it does not share your passwords with anyone else

Signing in to True Key is as easy A-B-C

Without further ado, let me show you how to install and use the app. Download the True Key app.

Done? OK, next let’s use multi-factor authentication to secure your accounts.

Multi-factor authentication adds extra layers of security to your accounts

Choose the factors you want to sign in to your account (see below). True Key uses at least two factors to confirm it’s you. That’s called multi-factor authentication and it makes your login that much more secure. You can make your profile more secure by adding in more factors, like a second device or e-mail address. It’s entirely up to you. The picture below shows you how it will happen.

I can almost hear you thinking, “Well! that was quite easy! But I have several accounts. Will the app help me with them all?

True Key remembers all your login sites and their passwords

You will only have to select the account you want to access. And what’s more, you can sync True Key across all your devices and access your accounts from anywhere and any device of yours.

Keeps your passwords secure

Not only does True Key offer you layered protection, it also secures your passwords by scrambling them with one of the strongest encryption algorithms available, AES-256. Only you can decrypt and access your information with the factors you choose. That’s a relief, huh?

Manages multiple accounts

Each time you land on a login page and type in the particulars, the True Key app automatically saves it. You can also add details on the app directly by clicking on the ‘add new login’ button. It doesn’t matter how many accounts you have, the True Key app will remember them all for you.

If you would like to know more about how to install the app on your device, watch the video tutorial.

The True Key app is no ordinary app, it is the master key to your virtual vault- wherein it keeps all your login details safely. With the True Key app you can rest knowing that all of your passwords are securely stored, and not have to worry about remembering or writing down your passwords. The app makes your online life safer, faster and smoother. So, what are you waiting for? Just download it and follow the guidelines that pop up and forget login hassles forever.

I bet you just breathed a sigh of relief. Now you can confidently handle all your virtual accounts- the True Key app will deftly deal with the entire entry process.

Don’t forget to share with us your experiences once you get your knight in shining armor working for you.


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