How To Make Security Easy

You flick through some reels and an ad for “a more private phone” crops up. You scroll through your news feed and catch wind of yet another data breach at a major retailer. You see a post from a friend who says their social media account was hacked. Maybe you don’t think about security every day, but when you do, it can feel … overwhelming. We’re here to solve that. We’re here to make security easy.  

As security providers, we have to offer protection against a wide variety of threats without adding more complexity to your already busy life. Managing your security should be easy, and even enjoyable. 


Yes. We want you to have a sense of accomplishment, both knowledge and a feeling that you’re safer than you were before.  

With these things in mind, we set out to make your security software work better for you. We streamlined the experience to simplify what you see, while still offering robust protection. After all, true security is the security that you benefit from every day, and it’s up to us as providers to make it smooth and easy as possible. 

Smooth setup & a central hub 

Our new setup process now includes easier navigation, fewer screens, and clearer action items and alerts. It smoothly moves you through setting up protection across all the ways you interact online and your compatible devices. This way, you know that we’re helping to keep you safe whether you’re messaging, browsing, or shopping and banking online. 

Another area where we put a lot of focus is the new home screen. This is your home base, where we clearly show you what your current protection status is in the areas that matter the most to you. This includes making it easier to monitor your personal information and strengthen protections you already use, like passwords. 

Home Screen
Home Screen


The home screen is also where you come to perform essential tasks, such as running an antivirus scan. It guides you to take actions when needed, giving you proactive protection, and a clear view of your overall security in one convenient place. From here you can access details on the status of your PC, web, and identity protection.


PC Protection Category Page    
PC Protection Category Page  


      Caption: Web Protection Category Page
Web Protection Category Page


Identity Protection Category Page
Identity Protection Category Page

Effective Security, Made Easier

While we’re always focused on helping you feel confident and protected online, we realize that making our tools easy to use is just as important. The digital security landscape will continue to be a complicated one, with more than a million new and unique threats cropping up each day, but we can and are making security simpler, and therefore, more effective. 

With easier setup and protection that turns on automatically at the right moments, we want to make security easier for you so that you can feel safer online. We’ve heard your feedback about how we can improve, and we’ll bring all that goodness in a product that you can use every day. 

You’ll find this interface across our McAfee+ family of products, along with continual upgrades and improvements as we roll out more features that will keep you safer online.   

Introducing McAfee+

Identity theft protection and privacy for your digital life

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