Protecting Your Privacy This Year

If there’s a particularly clear picture that’s developed over the past couple of years, it’s that our privacy and our personal identities are worth looking out for. With that, we have your back. And here’s why.  

In the U.S., reported cases of identity theft continue to rise. In the first half of 2022, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported more than 600,000 cases of identity theft, with more than 230,000 of those reported cases involving credit card theft. 

And that’s just what’s been reported in the U.S. Far more crime goes unreported, and it is estimated that the cost of identity theft and fraud goes well into the billions of dollars. 

Yet behind each stat is a person, a family, and a household that dealt with anything from a financial headache to a major life event no thanks to identity theft and fraud. Accordingly, we’re seeing to it that every person has the tools to prevent this from happening to them. 

Here’s a little bit about our approach. We looked at some of the key areas where people’s private information can be vulnerable and rolled out a set of features and services that can help make you safer than before. They’re all part of McAfee+, our latest line of comprehensive online protection. Depending on your plan and location, the following offer protections that can look after you, your privacy, and your identity—along with your devices and the things on them too. 

Connect safely with a VPN 

Unsecured networks can leave us vulnerable, like when we use public Wi-Fi. What’s at issue is that a cybercriminal can potentially capture your login credentials and other personal information as you use a public network in a hotel, airport, coffee shop, library, and so forth. 

So, we made sure to include a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your information protected from prying eyes. It does this easily by detecting when you’re on a public network and automatically turning on your VPN. The VPN then scrambles or encrypts, your data as it flows over the network. Unlike some VPNs that require advanced settings to shield your data, our app offers seamless security. 

Dark web monitoring 

Given that data breaches large and small continue to occur with more regularity than any of us would like, always-on monitoring of your private information is key. 

Whether one of your personal accounts is hacked–or worse–another website somehow gets ahold of your data and subsequently gets breached, your data may end up on the dark web. This is where cybercriminals buy and sell information. 

To detect these dangerous leaks, we included dark web monitoring, which alerts you if your log-in credentials have been exposed. It can even provide you with a link to the site that uses those credentials when the information is available. This allows you to swiftly reset your passwords, mitigating the risk. 

Personal data cleanup 

We’ll scan some of the riskiest data broker sites and show you which ones are selling your personal info. We’ll also provide guidance on how you can remove your data from those sites and with select products, we can even manage the removal for you. ​ 

Identity theft insurance and recovery support 

Recovering from identity fraud or theft can be expensive. Not to mention time consuming. We’ll help relieve the burden with $1M coverage for lawyer fees, travel expenses, lost wages, and more.  

Should the unfortunate happen to you, we have your back. In several ways. We offer licensed recovery experts who can work with you any time, around the clock, all year long. These pros can use a limited power of attorney to do the heavy lifting for identity recovery, taking all necessary steps to repair identity and credit.  

Ransomware coverage 

Our all-new ransomware coverage is now available, ready to help just in case—all backed by expert advice to help you find the quickest and best possible path to recovery. In addition to eligibility for up to $25,000 in reimbursement due to ransomware losses, our team of experts can help you, determine the severity of a ransomware attack and learn what immediate action steps you can take.  

Protection score 

Knowing your safe and staying that way just got far simpler. With a colorful view, you can see exactly what your Protection Score is at a glance, which compiles your overall levels of security, privacy, and identity theft protection. Better yet, if it spots gaps in your protection, it guides you through straightforward fixes that can make you safer than before. 

It’s an industry first, and something we all deserve—the ability to clearly see exactly how secure you are and to quickly shore up your protection whenever it’s needed. 

Credit monitoring 

Everyone has credit, and everyone needs to protect it. McAfee’s Credit Monitoring does just that. Whether the suspicious change in your report is big or small, we can help you detect it—and take the right steps to correct it. 

Credit freeze 

You can put proactive protection in place by stopping unauthorized access to existing credit card, bank, and utility accounts or from new ones being opened in your name. Security freezes stop companies from looking at your credit profile, which halts the application process for loans, credit cards, utilities, new bank accounts, and more. A security freeze won’t affect your credit score. ​ 

Ease of use 

Also on our list, we wanted to make personal protection easy to use and available across all your compatible devices. So, whether you’re out with just your phone, or at home working at your PC, you have access to your protection, and can even pick up where you left off on a different device. 

It’s about enjoying the internet 

Ultimately, that’s what any of us want—to enjoy the internet with confidence, knowing that whatever it is we’re doing online is secure. 

The way we use the internet continues to evolve. After all, it wasn’t long ago that the idea of using a phone to see who’s at the front door may have seemed a bit odd. Let alone having a little chat with the speaker on your kitchen counter. Yet that’s where we are today. And as the internet evolves, so will we. The protection we offer will cover your increasingly connected life in whatever shape that takes. 

No question about it. We’re committed to protecting you, your privacy, your identity, and certainly your devices too—and making all of it simple. 

Here’s to a happy and secure year! 

Introducing McAfee+

Identity theft protection and privacy for your digital life

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