2019 Recap: A Year to Remember

Working Even Harder To End the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage The term “skills gap” is all too familiar to those in the cybersecurity industry. A recent ISACA survey found only 18% of respondents said they believed the cybersecurity skills gap will be mostly or entirely filled during the upcoming decade, while ...

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McAfee Labs 2019 Threats Predictions Report

Our predictions for 2019 move away from simply providing an assessment on the rise or fall of a particular threat, and instead focus on current rumblings we see in the cybercriminal underground that we expect to grow into trends and subsequently threats in the wild.

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Checking In Halfway: The McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions

Time flies when you’re fighting cybercrime. Now that’s not exactly how the phrase goes, but for us at McAfee, it’s hard to believe that we’re already almost halfway through 2018. It seems like just yesterday we were predicting the types of cyberthreats we would see throughout this year with our ...

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McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Previews Five Cybersecurity Trends

Welcome to the McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report. We find ourselves in a highly volatile stage of cybersecurity, with new devices, new risks, and new threats appearing every day. In this edition, we have polled thought leaders from McAfee Labs and the Office of the CTO. They offer their ...

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Bienvenido al Salvaje Oeste, ¡de Nuevo!

Amenazas, Normatividades y Respuestas de Proveedores a los Riesgos en la Internet de las Cosas El Salvaje Oeste, un lugar de exagerada anarquía en los Estados Unidos durante los 1800s, ha regresado una vez más como una metáfora para el Internet de las Cosas (IoT). Impulsados por problemas similares de ...

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From the Cloud to Drones: Threat Predictions for 2017

2016 has been quite the year. From widespread IoT attacks, to ransomware campaigns that extract millions of dollars, cyberthreats have continued to grow in size and impact throughout the past 12 months. And unfortunately, it looks like there’s no sign of slowing. With McAfee Labs releasing their 2017 Threats Predictions ...

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Big, Hard-to-Solve Problems

Improving the Lifecycle of Threat Defense Effectiveness When a new security tool or technique is released, Version 1.0 is usually pretty effective, and successive versions get even better with real-world scenarios and user feedback. Eventually, the bad guys realize that this new thing is causing them real problems, so they ...

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McAfee Labs 2017 Threats Predictions Zeroes In on Cloud and IoT Threats

This blog post was written by Vincent Weafer. In the McAfee Labs 2017 Threats Predictions report, published today, we cover a lot of ground but focus particularly on two areas that will impact IT security for years to come: threats to the cloud and the Internet of Things. The report ...

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You Can Outsource the Work, but You Cannot Outsource the Risk

Threats, Regulations, and Vendor Responses to Risks in the Cloud As more companies get comfortable with cloud services, trust and usage will go up, and that will inevitably attract the attention of cybercriminals. Although an increasing array of sensitive and confidential data is moving to cloud storage and processing, we ...

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Welcome to the Wild West, Again!

Threats, Regulations, and Vendor Responses to Risks in the Internet of Things The Wild West, a place of exaggerated lawlessness in the United States during the 1800s, has returned once again as a metaphor for the Internet of Things (IoT). Driven by similar issues of exploration, homesteading, and prospecting for ...

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