Family Safety

College Bound? 7 Important Technology Habits for Students

You’ve loved, shaped, and equipped your child to succeed in college and move in day is finally here.  But there’s still one variable that can turn your child’s freshman year upside down, and that’s technology. That’s right, that essential laptop and indispensable smartphone your child owns could also prove to ...

Family Safety

6 Tips to Help Protect and Improve Your Child’s Online Reputation

Not the better choice. Take it down, please. That’s the short, efficient text message I’ve sent more times than I can count over the years while monitoring and coaching my kids’ online content choices. My daughter is now a senior in high school with her eyes fixed on college. And ...

Family Safety

Protect that Rep! Tips to Help Your High Schooler Shine Online

Do you remember being a teenager and your mom threatening to surgically remove the telephone receiver from your face because you’d been on the phone all night? How about dying your hair or sneaking out at night to decorate a few trees with toilet paper? Finding what works and what doesn’t ...

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