Family Safety

Potentially Malicious Apps Your Kids May Use

It’s a question I get several times a year from anxious parents, either via a direct message, an email or even in line at the grocery store. It goes something like this: “What’s the one thing you wish you’d done better when monitoring your kids’ technology?”  Both of my kids are now young adults, and together, we survived a handful of digital mishaps. So, I tend to ...

Family Safety

Parents: You May Want to Pay Closer Attention to the TikTok App

You aren’t imagining things. Everyone is talking about the popular video-sharing app TikTok. That’s because it has simultaneously become both a source of entertainment for kids as well as a source of concern for some adults. The social network, owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance, recently reached 750 million downloads, ...

Family Safety

Risky Apps, Jail Time for Parents of Bullies, and More Family Safety News

If you haven’t been able to skim the family safety headlines lately — no worries. We’ve plucked a few stories from the top of the family safety heap for you. Talk about them around the dinner table tonight, continue monitoring smartphone apps, and most importantly, keep the relationship and communication ...

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