Family Safety

AI & Your Family: The Wows and Potential Risks

From cell phones with built-in smart assistants to home assistants that carry out voice commands, from social networks that determine what content we see to music apps that curate playlists based on our preferences, AI has its footprints everywhere. Therefore, it’s integral to not only embrace the wows of this ...

Mobile Security

How To Tell If Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked

Something’s not right. Maybe your phone is losing its charge way too quickly. Or one day it suddenly starts turning...

Internet Security

What to Do When Your Social Media Account Gets Hacked

You log in to your favorite social media site and notice a string of posts or messages definitely not posted by you....

Family Safety Mobile Security

WhatsApp Security Hacks: Are Your ‘Private’ Messages Really Ever Private?

WhatsApp one of the largest instant messengers and considered by many a social network of its own. So, in continuing...

Family Safety

Is WhatsApp Safe for Kids? Here’s What Parents Need to Know

Kids use the messaging app WhatsApp to talk privately with friends, exchange content and videos, and (hopefully) fly under the parentals' radar. But is What'sApp safe for kids? Here's what parents need to know.

Family Safety Mobile Security

TikTok Challenge, Hoop App, and Other Headlines You May Have Missed

Digital news that affects families seems to be dominating the headlines these days. To keep parents in the know, here...

Internet Security Mobile Security

What You Need to Know About the Latest IoT Device Flaws

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team recently uncovered a security flaw in a popular connected garage door opener and...

Family Safety

Lessons Learned: A Decade of Digital Parenting

Give yourself a high-five, parents. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite celebratory drink and sip it slow...

Internet Security Privacy & Identity Protection Mobile Security

Boost Your Bluetooth Security: 3 Tips to Prevent KNOB Attacks

Many of us use Bluetooth technology for its convenience and sharing capabilities. Whether you’re using wireless headphones or quickly Airdropping...

Privacy & Identity Protection

Capital One Data Breach: How Impacted Users Can Stay More Secure

Capital One is one of the 10 largest banks based on U.S. deposits. As with many big-name brands, cybercriminals see...

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