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AI & Your Family: The Wows and Potential Risks

Am I the only one? When I hear or see the word Artificial Intelligence (AI), my mind instantly defaults to images from sci-fi movies I’ve seen like I, Robot, Matrix, and Ex Machina. There’s always been a futuristic element — and self-imposed distance — between AI and myself. But AI ...

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How To Tell If Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked

Your home screen is just a matrix of numbers. Your device loses its charge quickly, or restarts suddenly. Or, you notice outgoing calls that you never dialed. Chances are your smartphone has been hacked. The sad truth is that hackers now have a multitude of ways to get into your ...

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Examining Code Reuse Reveals Undiscovered Links Among North Korea’s Malware Families

Attacks from the online groups Lazarus, Silent Chollima, Group 123, Hidden Cobra, DarkSeoul, Blockbuster, Operation Troy, and 10 Days of Rain are believed to have come from North Korea. But how can we know with certainty?


Six Things your Enterprise Needs to Learn from the DNC Hacking Indictment

This blog was written by Wayne Anderson, previous Enterprise Security Architect at McAfee. All politics aside, the United States Department of Justice on Friday unsealed a judicial indictment against a number of individuals alleged to be from Russia’s intelligence services engaged in activities in 2016. Stepping outside of the context ...

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Today’s Connected Cars Vulnerable to Hacking, Malware

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team recently published an article about threats to automobiles on the French site Connected cars are growing rapidly in number and represent the next big step in personal transportation.

Family Safety

7 Digital Safety Tips for Teens Filing Their First Tax Returns

Landing that first part-time job in high school and filing your first tax return is a rite of passage for a young person. So why am I so anxious about my daughter becoming a taxpayer and sharing her pristine personal data with the U.S. government? Where do I begin? The ...

Family Safety

8 Easy Ways to Hack-Proof Your Family’s Smartphones

Smartphones have changed the face of parenting in profound ways. But for all the efficiency they’ve introduced into family life, those same devices simultaneously bring risk. With smartphone and tablet use growing at ten times the rate of PCs, hackers know precisely where to shift their focus these days. Cyber ...

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How the IoT supports the world’s largest industries

This blog post was written by Nick Viney. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already helped to connect our world in so many ways, bringing huge improvements and convenience to our lives, homes and health. But we’re often guilty of taking it for granted and failing to celebrate the many ...

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Chinese Cybercriminals Develop Lucrative Hacking Services

Underground cybercrime profits in China have likely already exceeded US$15.1 billion (100 billion Chinese yuan); caused more than $13.8 billion (91.5 billion yuan) worth of damage relating to data loss, identity theft, and fraud; and will grow at an even faster pace as underground hackers expand international business operations to ...


How IoT is revolutionising the world of sport

This blog post was written by Nick Viney. When we think about the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) in sports and fitness, the first things which spring to mind are probably wearable devices, or health monitoring apps that track performance and targets. However, it’s not just activity monitoring hardware that is ...

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