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Embedded Security within the Retail, Medical, and Critical Infrastructure Space

Embedded security solutions from McAfee help manufacturers ensure their products and devices are protected from cyberthreats and attacks. Embedded system and device security solutions span a range of technologies, including application whitelisting, antivirus and anti-malware protection, device management, and encryption—and all leverage industry-leading McAfee Global Threat Intelligence. Our solutions can be tailored to meet the specific design requirements for a manufacturer’s embedded device and its architectures.

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Security Features

Anti-malware protection

Application whitelisting prevents malware from compromising and infecting devices.

Comprehensive threat awareness and analysis

Where devices need to access the Internet and communicate across networks, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence ensures that traffic coming across the network is safe for devices to use.

Strong data encryption

When devices need to communicate securely, embedded security software protects data at rest and in motion.

Streamlined device management

Easily monitor, manage, and maintain large, globally dispersed deployments of embedded devices.

Compliance with federal and industry regulations

Ensure devices fall within the various compliance and regulatory frameworks.

Data loss prevention

Provide the highest levels of protection for sensitive data on devices.

McAfee embedded device security

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Security Problems Solved

Built-in application whitelisting and change control technology lock down devices, protecting against unauthorized malware and changes that could take a system offline, negatively impacting your customers’ experience and reputation. With security integrated into your device, you and your customers stay compliant and avoid incidents that can result in high maintenance and service costs, such as:

  • Zero-day attacks
  • Unauthorized software changes that impact system availability
  • High partner support costs related to device security problems
  • Frequent, costly OS patching
  • High field maintenance costs tied to unauthorized changes


Our technologies support a growing number of embedded devices across multiple industries. With a flexible, open architecture, McAfee solutions for embedded systems and devices can be customized for your requirements.

Aerospace / Defense

Secure communications systems, robotic controls, guidance systems, avionics, targeting and control systems, and wireless networking.

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Guard sensors, robotics, system-to-system, telematics, infotainment systems, wireless communications, and networking.

Digital Living

Ensure televisions and home networked devices remain malware-free.

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Safeguard hand-held gaming devices and gambling kiosks.

Industrial Controls

Protect values, sensors, monitors, robots and robotic systems, communication systems, and networking systems.

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Safeguard pumps, monitors, communications, networking, diagnostics, testing, and scanning systems.

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Retail / Point of Sale / Digital Signage

Protect ATMs, registers, point-of-sale systems, kiosks, networked devices, wireless communication systems, digital displays, and lighting.

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Integrated application whitelisting, streamlined security management, and threat intelligence. Learn more about our embedded security options.