Daisuke Nakajima is a mobile malware researcher and part of McAfee's Mobile Malware Research and Operations team. He is based in Tokyo, and specializes in mobile malware analysis, reverse-engineering, and malware detection code development and performance tuning, and research on big data analysis-based malware detection technology. He is also actively monitoring and reporting mobile threats targeting consumer users in Japan.

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Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Japanese One-Click Scammers Abuse Mobile Traffic Exchange Service

McAfee has been monitoring and reporting extensively on one-click-fraud malware for Android in Japan this year. These attacks, primarily on...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Android Master-Key Malware Already Blocked by McAfee Mobile Security

The Android Master Key vulnerability, which was first reported by BlueBox Security, has been big news this month. McAfee explained...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Adult Voice-Service Apps on Google Play Japan Charge Users Without Notice

McAfee has reported on increasing fraudulent Android applications on Google Play in Japan this year, including one-click fraud applications and...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Fraudulent Adult Dating Services Turn 10 Years Old, Still Evolving

McAfee Mobile Research monitors adult one-click-fraud applications on Google Play that are targeted at Japanese users. Although the attackers appeared...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

One-Click Fraud Variant on Google Play in Japan Steals User Data

Last week McAfee Labs reported a series of “one-click fraud” malware on Google Play in Japan. We have been monitoring...

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