Fernando Ruiz is a Security Researcher in McAfee Labs. He specializes in mobile threats and Android malware. Ruiz performs deep analysis and reverse engineering of malicious code, packers, and vulnerabilities; and creates detection technologies to proactively protect people against a wide spectrum of malware and potentially unwanted programs.

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McAfee Labs

BRATA Keeps Sneaking into Google Play, Now Targeting USA and Spain

Recently, the McAfee Mobile Research Team uncovered several new variants of the Android malware family BRATA being distributed in Google...

McAfee Labs

Android/LeifAccess.A is the Silent Fake Reviewer Trojan

The McAfee Mobile Research team has identified an Android malware family dubbed Android/LeifAccess.A that has been active since May 2019....

McAfee Labs

Android Click-Fraud App Repurposed as DDoS Botnet

The McAfee Mobile Research Team tracks the behavior of Android click-fraud apps. We have detected multiple implementations, including recent examples...

McAfee Labs

Android Click-Fraud Apps Briefly Return to Google Play

Click-fraud apps frequently appear on Google Play and third-party markets. They are sometimes hard to identify because the malicious behavior...

McAfee Labs

LeakerLocker: Mobile Ransomware Acts Without Encryption

We recently found on Google Play a type of mobile ransomware that does not encrypt files. This malware extorts a...

McAfee Labs

Fake WannaCry ‘Protectors’ Emerge on Google Play

Are Android devices affected by the self-propagating ransomware WannaCry? No—because this threat exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. This malware...

McAfee Labs

Obfuscated Malware Discovered on Google Play

The McAfee Labs Mobile Malware Research team found early this week on Google Play a set of malware published by...

McAfee Labs

‘Cat-Loving’ Mobile Ransomware Operates With Control Panel

Recently the McAfee Labs Mobile Malware Research team found a sample of ransomware for Android with botnet capabilities and a...

McAfee Labs

Android Malware Clicker.G!Gen Found on Google Play

Recently the Mobile Malware Research Team of McAfee found on Google Play a new campaign of Android/Clicker.G in dozens of...

McAfee Labs

Android App Contains Windows Worm

When developers are unaware of security they open the door to threats against their customers and users. We are not...

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