Jean Treadwell

Sr. Director of Business & Marketing Operations and Ontario Site Leader

Jean Treadwell has held strategic, intelligence, finance and operational leadership roles. She has been in technology for over twenty years because of its societal relevance, and is passionate about the responsible innovation happening within the security landscape. Outside of work Jean enjoys experimenting with new recipes and cooking techniques, running and sailing depending on the season.

Articles by Author

Privacy & Identity Protection
How to Spot Fake Login Pages 
This article will be everything you need to know about fake login pages: how to spot them, why they’re effective,...
Tips & Tricks
The Ultimate Guide to Safe Sharing Online
Canadians now spend half a day more a month using the internet compared to a year ago,...
Privacy & Identity Protection
3 Canadian Real Estate Scams You Should Know About
Scammers and identity thieves are taking advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. In some cases, thieves are selling homes...
Tips & Tricks
Watch Out for These 3 Online Job Scams
Here are three common job scams employment seekers may encounter: immigration scams, fake job ads, and phishing...
Family Safety
How to Teach Kids About Online Safety: A Guide
The internet can be a dangerous place, but with the right education, kids can navigate hazards and...
Privacy & Identity Protection
Elevate Your Financial Security: How to Safely Bank Online
Today’s technology allows you to complete various tasks at the touch of a button wherever you go....
Mobile Security
Don’t Sweat Your Security: How to Safely Incorporate IoT Into Your Fitness Routine
With the lack of or limited availability of in-person exercise classes as a result of the pandemic,...
Privacy & Identity Protection
5 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy
From the moment we open our browsers, our personal data privacy is put into question as a...
Mobile Security
Beware of Social Media Scams
Social media is a great place to connect with friends and family. Unfortunately, it is also a...
Family Safety
Prioritizing Security in a Remote Learning Environment 
To combat the rising cybersecurity concerns, educators need to implement new measures to uphold secure and efficient distance learning environments...
Mobile Security
Check up on Your Virtual Safety: Tips for Telehealth Protection
Telehealth, or virtual care, includes clinical services delivered remotely via electronic communications, such as videoconferencing, mobile apps and remote patient...
Tips & Tricks
How to Stay Connected and Protected in a Remote Work Environment
Advancements in cloud solutions and collaboration tools in recent years, coupled with the necessity of going remote due to the...
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