Judith Bitterli currently serves as Vice President of Consumer Marketing at McAfee. She is a passionate advocate for online security, family safety and safeguarding our digital experiences. She has been in the security space for eight years and technology for over thirty years. She brings to her work a fundamental belief that online security is a basic human right in todays day and age.

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Medical Care #FromHome: Telemedicine and Seniors

Medical Care From Home: Telemedicine and Seniors For weeks and even months now, millions of us have relied on the internet in ways we haven’t before. We’ve worked remotely on it, our children have schooled from home on it, and we’ve pushed the limits of our household bandwidth as families ...


Entertainment #FromHome: How to start your own podcast

How to start your own podcast Start your own podcast? Why not? Instead of streaming someone else’s show, maybe it’s time to create one of your own. And a fine time to start a podcast it is. Podcasting once took a bit of effort to get into. The recording software, ...


Entertainment #FromHome: Photo Backups, Digital Picture Frames, and More!

Entertainment From Home: Back up your photos, create digital picture frames, and more! One thing many of us have is a bunch of photos on our phone. And something tells me that’s an understatement. Estimates show that worldwide we took somewhere around 1.2 trillion photos in 2018. Chances are, you ...


Internet Safety Begins with All of Us

Internet Safety Begins with All of Us Now’s the time to pause for a moment and consider just how important the internet is to us. Not just any internet. A safer internet. June marks Internet Safety Month. Why June? The original thought was that the onset of summer sees more ...


2020 Voters: What You Need to Know About Election Security

Voters across the country are preparing to cast their ballot for the all-important 2020 U.S. presidential elections. Whether you’re a new voter eager for your voice to be heard or a parent looking to guide your family members on exercising their right to vote, consumers can be certain about one ...


Entertainment #FromHome: What to do When You’re Bored at Home

 Entertainment #FromHome: What to do when you’re bored at home   If your queue of movies and shows are looking a little on the “I’ve already watched that one twice already” side, this one’s for you. I’ve put together a raft of fresh shows, movies, and performances based upon my ...


Online Dating #FromHome

Online Dating #FromHome Love finds a way. And that couldn’t be more true right now. Even with so many singles keeping life close to home, dating apps have seen a big spike in downloads and usage. According to dating app Bumble, the end of March saw an 84% increase in ...


Date Night #FromHome Ideas

Date Night #FromHome ideas “So, what movie should we watch?” The dreaded question. Twenty minutes of “mmm, maybe” later, you settle on an old episode of “The Office” and call it good.  If that sounds a little too familiar, this post is for you. With so many of us having ...


¿Qué grado de seguridad tienen las videoconferencias?

¿Qué grado de seguridad tienen las videoconferencias? A causa del distanciamiento social y el traslado del trabajo de las oficinas a casa de millones de personas, las videoconferencias se han convertido rápidamente en la nueva normalidad. Tanto si asiste a reuniones de trabajo habituales como si participa en una fiesta ...


Wie sicher sind Video-Konferenzen?

Wie sicher sind Video-Konferenzen? Millionen von Menschen üben sich gerade weltweit in der Kunst des Social Distancing und erledigen ihre Arbeit von zu Hause aus. Dadurch sind Video-Konferenzen recht schnell zur neuen Norm geworden. Ob Sie nun an normalen Besprechungen im Berufsleben teilnehmen, sich eine virtuelle Auszeit mit Freunden gönnen ...

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