Judith Bitterli currently serves as Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at McAfee. She is a passionate advocate for online security, family safety, and safeguarding our digital experiences. Judith has been in the security space for eight years and technology for over thirty years. She brings to her work a fundamental belief that online security is a basic human right in todays day and age. Outside of work she enjoys scuba diving, running, reading, and travel. She looks forward to the serendipity of travel and experiencing new cultures and people.

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McAfee Consumer News

The New McAfee: A Bold New World of Protection Online

This news has been some time in the making, and I’m terrifically excited to share it.   As of July 27th, we take a...

Family Safety

The Mothers of Invention: Women Who Blazed the Trail in Technology

It’s easy to imagine where we would be without women in technology. We’d be poorer for it. With Mother’s Day upon...


Día de la Madre: mujeres pioneras en el campo de la tecnología

Es fácil imaginar lo que sería de nosotros sin las mujeres en la tecnología. Todos sufriríamos la pérdida. Al aproximarse...


Comemoração do Dia das Mães: Mulheres que desbravaram o caminho na tecnologia

Não é difícil imaginar onde estaríamos hoje sem as mulheres na tecnologia. Estaríamos em uma situação mais precária em virtude...

Consumer Family Safety

Digital Estate Planning – What to Do With Your Digital Assets

While we’re enjoying the fruits of digital life—our eBooks, movies, email accounts, social media profiles, eBay stores, photos, online games,...

Consumer Family Safety

Digital Divorce: Who Gets the Airline Miles and Music Files?

Something you’ll want to know about all those movies, mp3s, eBooks, air miles, and hotel points you’ve accrued over the years: they’re digital assets that can factor...


Digital Spring Cleaning: Seven Steps for Faster, Safer Devices

Throw open the windows and let in some fresh air. It’s time for spring cleaning. And that goes for your...


春のデジタルクリーンアップ: デバイスの速度と安全性を向上させる 7つの手順



Nettoyage numérique du printemps

Ouvrez les fenêtres et laissez entrer un peu d’air frais. Il est grand temps de lancer le nettoyage de printemps....

Consumer Threat Reports

Keep Remote Classes Safe and in Session: What You Need to Know About Netop Vision Pro

Keep Remote Classes Safe and in Session: What You Need to Know About Netop Vision Pro Distance and hybrid learning...

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