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ST01: Cloud Adoption Trends with Sekhar Sarukkai and Vittorio Viarengo

Co-founder of Skyhigh Networks Sekhar Sarukkai and Head of Cloud Marketing Vittorio Viarengo discuss a range of topics from cloud adoption trends, to Office 365 security, AWS, and much more.

Life at McAfee

Supporting Our Military Veterans at McAfee

By Dawson McPherson, Talent & Communications Coordinator Over the past week, McAfee employees around the world paused to recognize and honor all the brave military men and women who have served their countries. From a veterans appreciation ceremony at our Plano, Texas office, to a display of red poppies in ...


World Password Day RT to Win Sweepstakes

Terms and Conditions How to Win: Happy World #PasswordDay! Once completed share your results on Twitter and tag @McAfee_Home, #PasswordDay, #RT2Win, and #Sweepstakes for a chance at a $50 Amazon Gift card. Two total winners will be selected: the first drawing will happen on May 11, 2017, and the second ...

Cloud Security

You can outsource the work, but you cannot outsource the risk

As trust in cloud services continues to grow, enterprise usage will go up, inevitably attracting the attention of cybercriminals. Although an increasing array of sensitive and confidential data is moving to cloud storage and processing, we expect that most businesses will continue to keep the crown jewels in their own ...

McAfee Labs

You Can Outsource the Work, but You Cannot Outsource the Risk

Threats, Regulations, and Vendor Responses to Risks in the Cloud As more companies get comfortable with cloud services, trust and usage will go up, and that will inevitably attract the attention of cybercriminals. Although an increasing array of sensitive and confidential data is moving to cloud storage and processing, we ...

Cloud Security

How is Security Integrated into DevOps – DevOpsSec, SecDevOps, or DevSecOps?

The world is awash in DevOps, but what does that really mean? Although DevOps can mean several things to different individuals and organizations, ultimately it is about the cultural and technical changes that occur to deliver cloud services in a highly competitive environment. Cultural changes come in the form of ...


Uh oh: The bad guys love the cloud just as much as we do

Oh how we love the public cloud—with its ability to quickly spin up services and grow compute rapidly to meet our customers’ demands. What an amazing opportunity for our organization. We also love Software as a Service (SaaS) with its ease of use and ability to access applications anywhere at ...

McAfee Labs

Brazilian Banking Malware Hides in SQL Database

Spam is a plague that has given headaches to system administrators and users for years. A lot of spam tries to sell “performance enhancement” medicine or lure us to suspicious websites. But one of the main uses of spam, which appears to be making a comeback, is the distribution of ...

McAfee Labs

Chinese Trojan Hooks Macs, iPhones

“Distrust and caution are the parents of security”–Benjamin Franklin A recent threat targeting Chinese users of Mac OS X and iPhone came to light yesterday. The malware, called WireLurker, is distributed by the Chinese third-party app store Maiyadi. Since the threat’s discovery, more than 400 applications containing the Trojan were ...

McAfee Labs

Examining Your Very Own Sefnit Trojan

Most malware is created for economic purposes. To name just a few of our reports and blogs on this topic, we have written about Cybercrime Exposed, stolen data, and the Target point-of-sale malware. But sometimes it’s not clear to our customers how much time and skill malware authors invest in ...

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