Thomas Roccia is senior security researcher on the Advanced Threat Research team. He works on threat intelligence, tracking cybercrime campaigns and collaborating with law enforcement agencies. In a previous role, Thomas worked on the McAfee Foundstone team, performing worldwide incident response, malware hunting, and penetration testing. He has helped customers during major outbreaks and managed highly critical situations. Thomas has developed workshops, training courses, presentations, he leads the Unprotect Project, an open-source database dedicated to malware evasion techniques. His work in security research includes threat intelligence, malware, reverse engineering, vulnerabilities as well as innovation and patenting. He speaks regularly at security conferences.

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Ransomware GandCrab Version 5 Partners With Crypter Service for Obfuscation

The GandCrab ransomware, which first appeared in January, has been updated rapidly during its short life, with Version 5.0.2 appearing...

McAfee Labs

Today’s Connected Cars Vulnerable to Hacking, Malware

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team recently published an article about threats to automobiles on the French site JournalAuto.com. Connected cars are growing rapidly in number and represent the next big step in personal transportation.

McAfee Labs

Free Ransomware Available on Dark Web

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team recently analyzed a ransomware-as-a-service threat that is available for free and without registration. This malware...

McAfee Labs

Emotet Trojan Acts as Loader, Spreads Automatically

Since the middle of July, McAfee has observed new updates of the Emotet, a Trojan that was first discovered in...

McAfee Labs

Stopping Malware With a Fake Virtual Machine

As we explained in a previous post, some advanced malware can detect a virtual environment such as a sandbox to...

McAfee Labs

An Overview of Malware Self-Defense and Protection

Many malware authors spend a great deal of time and effort to develop complex code. Their success depends on a...

McAfee Labs

Zcrypt Expands Reach as ‘Virus Ransomware’

McAfee has recently seen a new kind of ransomware–Zcrypt—that can self-replicate. This “virus ransomware” arrives via email in a malicious...

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