Beware When You Search for These TV Shows and Movies

Beware When You Search for These TV Shows and Movies

If you’ve been following recent stay-at-home orders, it’s likely that you’ve been scavenging the internet for new content to help pass the time.

But having multiple streaming subscriptions can quickly add up. Consequentially, users who are hesitant to pay more for online streaming subscriptions

Criminals are often behind these websites, luring unsuspecting users into schemes via “free” downloads of popular movies and TV shows. Some of these movies and shows are risker than others, however, as McAfee WebAdvisor data has revealed* certain titles are tied to potential malware and phishing threats.

Let’s take a look at the TV shows and movies that could lead you to a dangerous download instead of your next film spree, as well as discuss what users can do to stay secure.

 Top 10 UK TV and Movie Titles That Could Lead You to a Dangerous Download:

Top 10 UK TV Titles With Risky Results With Risky Results
1.      Homeland Swingers
2.      Brooklyn nine-nine Step Brothers
3.      Criminal Black Panther
4.      Jane the Virgin Lost Girls
5.      Elite Zombieland
6.      Doctor Who Lion
7.      Altered Carbon Aeronauts
8.      Good Girls Kingsman
9.      Big Mouth Uncut Gems
10.  Merlin IT

Stay Protected While Streaming

While consumers search for new content from home, criminals are clearly searching for ways to trick eager TV and movie fans. However, there’s still a way users can stay both entertained and secure during this time. Follow these tips to help ensure that your online entertainment experience is safe:

 Watch what you click

Users looking to catch up on Season 2 of “You” or watch the “The Incredibles” on repeat should be cautious and only access entertainment content directly from a reliable source. The safest thing to do is to subscribe to a streaming site that offers the content or download the movie from credible websites, instead of downloading a “free” version from a website that could contain malware.

 Refrain from using illegal streaming sites

Many illegal streaming sites are riddled with malware or adware disguised as pirated video files. Do your device a favor and stream the show from a reputable source.

Use a comprehensive security Solution

Use a solution like McAfee Total Protection. This can help protect your devices from malware, phishing attacks, and other threats. It also includes McAfee WebAdvisor, which helps alert users of malicious websites. Additionally, McAfee WebAdvisor can be accessed as a free download.

Use parental control software

Kids are tech-savvy and may search for movies by themselves. Ensure that limits are set on your child’s device and use software that can help minimize exposure to potentially malicious or inappropriate websites.


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