Defending Against the Dark Arts Isn’t Just for Wizards

By on Mar 30, 2015

This blog was written by Candace Worley, McAfee’s former Vice President and Chief Technical Strategist.


Wouldn’t it be nice if that worked in the real world? Unfortunately, there’s no magic charm that can be used as ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’ against cyberthreats and malware.

Every minute there are 307 new cyberthreats and according to a recent report by McAfee Labs, the number of malware exploits increased by 76 percent in the last year.

So clearly, cybersecurity is a growing issue and something needs to be done to mitigate it.

But, these problems can’t be solved by one single entity; they are issues that we need to band together to solve. This is why we teamed up with Oregon State to do something about it – because what’s the best defense against cybercrime?


Namely, educating the next wave of university graduates and equipping them with the professional skills they need to make the cyber world a safer place.

McAfee Senior Manager of Data Operations, Carey Buelt, happens to be an Oregon State grad and thus, led the effort to bring our successful ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’ course to the school.

In this half lecture/half lab course, a total of nine instructors each teach for a week or two on a cybersecurity topic in their area of expertise. The goal is to provide students with an awareness of the current threat landscape and enlighten them as to what’s out there in terms of security jobs.

This course will encourage students to take a look at the real cybersecurity problems we face and start brainstorming ways they can protect themselves and the companies they will go on to work for.

While a single class in cybersecurity will not solve the global shortage of professional security skills as a whole, this partnership is a necessary step to building a world-class program in cybersecurity that will go on to span multiple colleges and universities.

We hope you feel inspired by this example of what can be accomplished when two industries put their minds together and collaborate to solve an issue. Together, let’s work to make the world a safer place.

You can learn more about the course, here and to stay up to date with the latest in cybersecurity, be sure to follow @McAfee_Business on Twitter.

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