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By on Jan 12, 2016

Do you remember life before high speed internet and the smartphone? Those of us who do might look back on the days of dial-up and clunky cell phones with nostalgia, but couldn’t imagine ever using them again. Since then, technology has continued to improve our lives and increase our efficiency in many different ways. Much like high speed internet and the telephone, McAfee solutions have continued to evolve as well.  Over time they have not only gotten better, but also simpler to use and made the job of managing an enterprise’s security resources easier with a wide variety of protections. As organizations increase in size and complexity, the importance of centralized management grows exponentially. However, this function should not come at the expense of productivity.

Time is a valuable commodity, and most of us would rather be pursuing personal endeavors or furthering our professional objectives than spending extra time at the office trying to remediate security issues. When security practitioners are devoting hours to managing singular products (each with their discrete management platforms), they aren’t saving themselves, much less their organization time that could be better spent with their family and friends or on strategic projects. Fortunately, solutions like McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and Endpoint Security 10.1 (ENS 10.1) are simplifying processes for you with centralized management, and all that wasted time will be yours again to do with as you wish.

ePO with its single point of reference, consolidates detailed security information across endpoints, data, networks, and more than 130 third party security solutions. It provides flexible, extensible centralized management through one console which conveniently cuts the time needed to manage tasks. ePO also has the flexibility of both traditional on premises management, as well as a cloud-based version. The cloud version is making life easier with the added bonus of automatic updates to ensure you are always running the most up-to-date version, and also scales to meet the changing needs of your security environment.


Offering a connected architecture across McAfee products, ENS 10.1 with its integrated platform empowers organizations to resolve new threats faster and with fewer resources. A collaborative framework reduces the complexity of endpoint security environments, and facilitates greater visibility into advanced threats while also speeding up the detection and remediation responses. These collaborative defenses share insights across threat prevention, web security, firewall and the available Threat Intelligences Exchange (TIE) modules. This results in more intelligent defenses that operate together for enhanced detection and advanced threat responses.

How Does McAfee Endpoint Security 10 Work?

A centralized approach to your security management is easily achievable with McAfee ENS 10.1 and ePO. Having a connected system that enables the exchange of information between products and protection that works together just makes sense. The time you save by using connected security solutions will help make 2016 your most productive year yet. Why not simplify your security arsenal and start reaping the benefits of solutions that will make your job easier?

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