Making It Count: Global Community Service Day 2015

By on May 08, 2015

At McAfee, we’re on a mission to make a difference. And when we stop to think about that mission and where we can make the biggest impact, our hearts always land on the community.

Across the globe, the communities where we live and work provide us with so much on a daily basis. It’s only right that we give back and show our gratitude!

That’s why on April 30th, we stepped away from our desks, rolled up our sleeves, and gave up our time to serve the community in celebration of  McAfee 4th Annual Global Community Service Day (GCSD).

From Habitat for Humanity and Second Harvest Food Bank, to GRACE Donation Center, we visited countless organizations with incredible causes. With each one, our teams got a glimpse into the ways that their organizations affect the daily lives of community members, and we were honored to be able to contribute. I even challenged our staff to sign up by committing to do 10 pushups per volunteer. The result? I did 4,000 pushups, and we had a fleet of dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers from our Denver, CO office.


Lending a helping hand at the National Trust.


Our St. Paul, MN office packaging up gifts for kids.


Building playhouses at McAfeeHQ in Santa Clara, CA.


SVP and GM, Chris Young, presenting the playhouses in Santa Clara.


We’re so excited that we got the opportunity to share our time and make our actions count throughout the community for Global Community Service Day (GCSD) 2015. As I always say, we’re one team with one fight. Let’s take the lead in giving back, because to give is to live!

How do you give back and make your actions count? Use #IMakeItCount to join in on the conversation on Twitter. And, to find out more about how McAfee gave back to communities around the globe, check out the hashtag #GCSD15.

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