Industry Experts Weigh in on McAfee’s Proactive Cybersecurity

By on Jun 29, 2020

Recently Forbes shared an accurate depiction of McAfee in its articleMcAfee Finally On The Right PathLet me extend their innovation story and share with you the leadership path McAfee continues to blaze in cybersecurity 

Imagine if organizations knew of high severity threats targeting their industry sector and geographies before they encountered such threats, with precise knowledge if their countermeasures could stop the threat?  Also imagine if the countermeasures could not stop the threats, and they knew what they should do to improve those countermeasures so that the threat would be stopped? Doing all these actions, before an attack impacts you, is referred to as “shifting left on the attack lifecycle.  Gartner and many other analyst firms have openly expressed that shifting left is something a lot of vendors are trying to achieve. I am excited to announce that McAfee has found a way to do it. 

So, how did we do it? Enter McAfee MVISION InsightsWe previewed this innovation at MPOWER in October 2019 – an unique solution helping organizations become more proactive MVISION Insights is a cloud-native solution that provides highly predictive security analytics  These analytics enable proactive management and remediation against advanced attacks.  

 News of MVISION Insights created quite a buzz among industry influencers when we briefed them. The resounding point of view was that McAfee MVISION Insights is in a class of its own. and “ahead of the market”.  

A highly reputed analyst cast MVISION Insights at the same level of high esteem as McAfee’s highly acclaimed unified management solution, ePolicy Orchestrator 

“In the same way ePO is the gold standard for management consoles, Insights can be the same for the threat/analytics platform” 

– Top Tier Analyst Firm  

Yet other analysts called out the lack of immediate competition.   

“The vendor has stolen a march on some of its competitors, at least in the short term, with this offering. A lot of vendors are aiming to get to an offering comprising threat intel + prioritization + recommendations + automation, but few if any have actually reached that point today.” 

Omdia research. 

‘You are forward leaning and a differentiator in this space.  And it is even more impressive you did this organically while your competitors are trying to piece together with partnerships’ 

– Top Tier Analyst Firm 

Many vendors are making big claims about all the data they have access to and their rich telemetry, but they don’t weave the pieces together with why it is relevant to an organization’s environment. MVISION Insights not only prioritizes the threats based on prevalence in the organization’s geography and industry sector but also  takes the prioritized threat analysis and assesses your local security posture to see how it will stack up against the threat.  This value of the local security posture assessment against the threat was also called out, “…a key value point here is the local security posture assessment with the vast threat intelligence and analytics.”.   

ESG recognized “With the exposure of any new security attack, CISOs, CEOs, and corporate boards immediately ask whether they are at risk.  MVISION Insights from McAfee can help automate answers to this question.  This gives organization the ability to think globally, act locally, and respond quickly to cyber-attacks.” 

It’s not just threat analysis paralysis but prioritized actionable insights. 

With MVISION Insightsorganizations can answer critical questions quickly: Are they at risk? What is their priorityWill their protections hold? What do they need to do to be protected?  Take a closer look at MVISION Insights coming soon. Soon I plan to share the customer feedback we are receiving with organizations accessing the early solution. You don’t want to miss it.  

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