A Manufacturing Company’s Interconnected Security Dreams Become a Reality

By on Nov 10, 2016

Thomas Langer, Head of IT security for the German-based industrial packaging group MAUSER, needed a comprehensive security solution to protect his company’s intricate infrastructure. His one requirement: the solution must help them to share threat intelligence among all endpoints and networks, across 80 locations worldwide. That same threat intelligence would then be automatically analyzed and acted upon as needed so that employees wouldn’t have to intervene much. He also hoped that same system could be able to learn from past events to create a smarter defense for the future.

That’s where McAfee came in. After surveying the market, Langer decided that McAfee was the only company that could meet MAUSER’s needs. He stated, “McAfee was the only company that could help us optimize our medium-range and long-term strategy.” He also claimed that McAfee “could deliver on its integrated security promise and even define security standards. No other vendor is in the same position”.

Soon enough, Langer began deciding between McAfee solutions to identify the best collective of products that could achieve an integrated security model—one that combines data, workflows, and management dashboards into a centrally managed environment. Langer ultimately settled on a combination of four solutions: McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense appliances, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, and McAfee Application Data Monitoring.

Since MAUSER’s integrated security framework had already operated under McAfee endpoint protection solutions, bringing in the additional technology was only going to take the company’s threat defense to a whole new level.

A new level that, once properly conveyed to executives, drove almost immediate C-level support. Once the CFO heard how critical the products were to long-term strategy, and to current legal and compliance requirements, he was on board. The CIO, in turn, just needed to take a visit to McAfee EBC (Executive Briefing Center) in Amsterdam to learn how the interconnected system worked and left that same day fully in support of the technology.

With everyone on board, MAUSER began to integrate the solutions. They soon saw how it was easier to detect the most difficult, targeted types of attacks because of McAfee Advanced Threat Defense. Those attacks were then detected faster and with more visibility because of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. Collecting and sharing all of this threat information, the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange then contextualizes this information and makes protective decisions in real time.

Another one of Langer’s favorite aspects of their open and connected McAfee system is automated incident response, which immediately disconnects any computer that is infected so the malware can’t spread. He says, “If the McAfee system detects something suspicious, I am very comfortable with it taking countermeasures automatically”.

Langer’s trust in the McAfee system was only reaffirmed when the results started coming in. “The time to detect and analyze threats of all kinds has shrunk tremendously and faster detection and analysis equates to a faster response” stated Langer. In fact, just 12 hours after going live with the integrated program, the system thwarted a serious attack that came in the form of an advanced malicious software. As soon as one laptop was contaminated with malware, the entire system jumped into action and their firewall recognized it and blocked it. “That incident showed us just how powerful the McAfee system is. We hate to think what would have happened had it not been implemented” Langer reflected.

In addition to saving MAUSER from attacks, the integrated system saves them time and energy as well. Since MAUSER has fewer security instances to investigate and a network that runs much more smoothly, their valuable time and energy is preserved.


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