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By on Oct 18, 2016

Every form of marketing today is undergoing a sea change that is more than just a disruption. New digital marketing technologies are a welcome development for improving customer experience, as companies learn how to leverage data to empower customers, sharpen marketing content, and enable their sales force throughout the Customer Buying Journey. Meanwhile, marketers grapple with how to engage with customers on their buying journey, how to organize a marketing function, and ultimately, how to deliver better customer experiences.

Indeed, research from McKinsey & Company shows a 5x bump in the growth rate of firms they call digital leaders – those using key digital technologies to modernize the B2B customer experience.

In B2B technology marketing, the engagement model has changed. Traditional marketing relied on vendors pushing content to potential customers, hoping to grab someone’s fleeting attention. Today, the customer is in charge and it’s about the buyer’s pull and inbound marketing. Fortunately, marketing organizations can now target specific personas or customer types through geo-targeting and search engine marketing.

Shift to Digital Marketing

The shift to digital marketing means the planning cycle has also changed. Marketing budgets used to be set on an annual basis with rigid control mechanisms. Today, digital marketing requires short term and flexible decision making in order to continually improve results and deliver an improved ROI.

The marketing skills required to deliver results in the new world of technology marketing are as different today as the marketing tools themselves. The acumen required is data mining and analysis with an ability to translate numbers and metrics into meaningful insight. The list of free software tools continues to grow, and each one churns out pages of data with just the click of a button. MarTech illustrates the complexity of the technology marketing landscape in this supergraphic which they shared at the 2016 MarTech Conference in San Francisco.

New Marketing Tools for Partners

The changes shaping our world can seem daunting, but marketers like us are better equipped than ever to directly improve customer experience using both new tools and new mindsets. To better navigate the digital marketing resources that McAfee supplies you, check out these two new additions to our Campaign Kits:

  • Campaign Activation Guides – outline a custom path to leveraging our content in your marketing campaigns
  • Social Cards – enhance your social media posts with visuals

These new resources are available now for the Hybrid Cloud Security Campaign Kit and coming soon to the remaining kits.


This blog post was written by Regan Ogner.

MarTech supergraphic – complexity of the technology marketing landscape
McKinsey & Company – How B2B Digital Leaders Drive Five Times More Revenue Growth Than Their Peers

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