McAfee and Ericsson: Managed Security Services

By on Apr 21, 2015

Today McAfee and Ericsson are working together to deliver managed security services (MSS) to the world.

Why are we so excited to be working with Ericsson? We’re pleased to offer a combination of top-ranked network security products, telecom-grade service levels, speed to market and disruptively priced services with our new collaboration.

With Ericsson, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and telecoms service-provider, we are launching an out-sourced MSS offering, based on McAfee network, email and web security products.

By “outsourced” we mean a service where a carrier wishing to go-to-market with new MSS services can now do so quickly and efficiently by leveraging the combined effort of Ericsson and McAfee for heavy lifting.

Broadly, carriers can re-brand these MSS products and sell to their enterprise and small-medium Business (SMB) constituencies with the support of McAfee’s sales and marketing teams; Ericsson will provide the provisioning, on-going security operations management and customer-support; McAfee will provide security products on the customer’s premise and via cloud-based services.

Something for everyone

We intend to address both operators in this program: those without MSS and those with MSS:

Greenfield MSS providers: those that want to go to the market with an MSS offering, but face challenges such as capital costs, skills shortages and long build-cycles. For these providers we offer dramatically accelerated time-to-market and reduced business risks.

Established MSS providers: those that have partially established an MSS practice they want to expand by transparently mixing in-house and outsourced MSS to increase margins, and reduce business risk.

Table stakes

Moving into MSS is increasingly seen as a “must-have” for operators.   For lack of products, over-the-top (OTT) MSS providers will capture the value-added security revenues and drive the network towards a low-value commodity. Alternately, by offering a branded and bundled (with other telecom services) MSS product to enterprises and SMBs, the operators can create a value-add network, generate more revenue and a “sticker” business base.

Looking into the future as an operator, many of the revenue-streams are expected to come from services like 4G and 5G wireless and Internet-of-Things (IoT) services: these services will succeed according to the security services that support and accompany them into the market.

I invite anyone wishing to know more about this offer to contact me directly. Come by the RSA Booth #3705 in North Hall or catch our Theatre Presentation: “Outsourced Managed Security for Carriers and Service Providers” to learn more.

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