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By on Dec 18, 2015

Cyber-attacks continue to become more costly and sophisticated in nature and thus more challenging to do battle with. Especially given the growing attack surface and multiple vectors from a variety of sources waiting to wreak havoc.  Organizations need to stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals and evolve their approach in order to defend vital information from theft, manipulation, and losses both internally and externally.

The odds of remaining unscathed from cyber-attacks are not always in an organization’s favor. IT challenges, such as limited visibility into endpoint activities, increasing protection against advanced targeted attacks (ATAs), and responding to zero day and emerging threats, are increasing the chances for attackers. Fortunately, the threat defense lifecycle can be managed quickly and simply with McAfee Endpoint Security 10.1 (ENS 10.1).

The foundation of McAfee new endpoint security strategy, McAfee Endpoint Security 10.1 helps you protect against known threats, detect new threats faster, and enables automated workflows with actionable threat forensics to rapidly correct and respond to them.  With its open and extensible framework, ENS 10.1 enables you to simplify your environments and improve productivity by removing redundant security technologies and providing a framework to connect future investments.

McAfee Endpoint Security 10.1 communicates with multiple endpoint defense technologies in real time, to analyze and collaborate against new and advanced threats by blocking and quickly halting them before systems and users are impacted. Defenses are collaborative and share insights across threat prevention, web security, firewall and the available Threat Intelligences Exchange (TIE) modules. This results in more intelligent defenses that operate together rather than in silos for stronger detection and advanced threat responses.


Figure 1 – The McAfee Endpoint Security client architecture unites firewall, threat prevention, web control and TIE modules including shared common components.

The combination of the ENS 10.1 protection and management framework with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) strengthens your organization’s security arsenal. With global insights, and more volume and threat intelligence than any other vendor, you can ensure strong and effective protection. Automatic actions against suspicious applications and processes rapidly escalate responses against new and emerging forms of attack while informing other defenses and the global community. Recent improvements over the McAfee Endpoint Security legacy product have resulted in even faster scans, smaller threat update files, lower impact to network operations, and maximized CPU use:

  • Improved effectiveness score of 17.5 out of 18 in results (Aug. 15)
  • DAT is 55% the size of traditional AV DATs
  • First time ODS scans run over 30% faster
  • Boot time is now 18% faster
  • Idle CPU utilization is 89% better

McAfee Endpoint Security 10.1 addresses challenges such as advanced targeted attacks, zero-day and emerging threats, and limited visibility into your organization’s endpoint activity. Better performance and increased security efficacy is made possible with the following enhanced features:

  • True Centralized Management with McAfee ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) and Multiple Deployment Choices – McAfee ePO provides an easy-to-read interface that’s available as a local or cloud-based console and manages all the endpoints in your environment as well as other McAfee protection capabilities and more than 130 third party security solutions.
  • Targeted Attack Endpoint Protection – Communication between threat defenses allows detection of seemingly disconnected events as related and part of a targeted attack.
  • Intelligent, Adaptive Scanning – Boosts performance and productivity by avoiding scans on known, trusted processes while prioritizing those that appear suspicious.
  • Proactive Web Protection – Ensures safe web browsing with web protection and filtering for endpoints.
  • Blocks Hostile Network Attacks – Integrated firewall bars unsolicited inbound traffic, and controls outbound traffic.
  • Actionable Threat Forensics – Helps you quickly see where an infection is attempting to take place, why it is happening and the length of exposure time so they can better understand where they are exposed and rapidly take action.
  • Open and Extensible Endpoint Security Framework – Ties together and integrates your endpoint security investments using an architecture that lets them communicate and work together to deliver stronger protection.

There is no doubt that endpoint security protection must evolve to meet the demands on organizations of all sizes.  McAfee Endpoint Security 10.1 provides the global intelligence and cutting-edge performance that IT practitioners need to address advanced threats. By offering both a framework to address today’s complex endpoint security environments and an architecture for the future, it’s safe to say that securing an enterprise’s endpoint frontline just became a lot easier. Learn more by visiting

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