McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite Paid AMI Now on AWS Marketplace

By on Jun 15, 2017

This blog post was written by Teresa Wingfield.

A new Paid Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite (McAfee PCS) is now available on an hourly basis on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The Paid AMI is a flexible option for protecting AWS workloads since there’s no need to estimate usage and obtain a license before getting started.  You may want to explore McAfee PCS (Paid AMI) for AWS security if you:

  • Prefer an OpEx “pay-as-you-go” pricing model
  • Have spiky (variable) sizing and timing requirements for your workloads that are difficult to estimate
  • Want to test drive McAfee PCS before purchasing a license from McAfee.

With AWS, you are participating in a shared responsibility security model where AWS is responsible for securing underlying infrastructure and you are responsible for securing your workloads and configuring platform security. McAfee PCS provides visibility and protection to keep AWS deployments safe. Comprehensive protection starts at just $0.1 per hour.

Our new McAfee PCS PAID AMI is designed to help enterprise and government AWS customers quickly secure their Amazon workloads with foundational security consisting of:

  • Cloud workload discovery and monitoring
  • Antimalware
  • Host-based firewall
  • Host intrusion prevention.

White listing, file integrity monitoring and change prevention are also available to help protect high-risk environments and meet regulatory compliance. McAfee PCS protection scales elastically with your Amazon workloads for continuous protection.


Cloud Workload Discovery provides end-to-end visibility into all cloud workloads

What do I get from using McAfee PCS to protect AWS workloads?  

  • Faster threat detection (as shown in the screen shot above) through insights into weak security controls for cloud workloads, unsafe firewall settings, unencrypted volumes and indicators of compromise such as suspicious traffic
  • Quick and easy remediation using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator or your favorite DevOps tools such as Amazon OpsWorks, Chef, or Puppet
  • Defense against emerging and advanced threats with malware scanning and intrusion prevention
  • Protection from advanced persistent threats without requiring signature updates or labor-intensive list management
  • Prevention of change activity that can lead to security breaches, data loss, and outages
  • Easier achievement and demonstration of regulatory compliance

Get Started

Start at no cost with a free trial! Click here to visit the AWS Marketplace.



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