MOVE Your Way: Choosing Between Agentless and Multiplatform Deployment Part 2

By on May 01, 2017

This blog post was written by Teresa Wingfield.

It’s been more than a year since we last shared some of the key difference between McAfee MOVE AntiVirus in multiplatform and agentless deployments. For a recap, please review our initial blog, MOVE Your Way: Choosing Between Agentless and Multiplatform Deployment. The list has grown over the past year.

What’s New?

Please see the table below for our most recent comparison. Multiplatform deployment now supports integration with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and elastic provisioning of offline scanners. Agentless deployment protects Windows and Linux virtual machines while multiplatform deployment supports Windows.

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange Integration

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus leverages McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange to share intelligence across servers and networks in multiplatform deployments. Let’s look at an example of how this capability makes server and network security work smarter together:

  1. McAfee Network Security Platform (NSP) inspects north-south & east-west traffic for network threats and discovers a file with an unknown reputation.
  2. NSP uses McAfee Advanced Threat Defense to test the file for malware in a sandbox.
  3. Advanced Threat Defense detects malware and notifies Threat Intelligence Exchange.
  4. Based on the updated Threat Intelligence Exchange reputation, McAfee MOVE AntiVirus cleans the malware from all impacted systems.

Security Virtual Machine Auto Scaling

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus uses offline scan servers called security virtual machines (SVMs) to avoid impacting the performance of virtual machines. McAfee MOVE AntiVirus auto-scales these SVMs in multiplatform deployments, meaning that SVMs can automatically be scaled up and down depending on the number of virtual machines and virtual desktops. This leads to more efficient use of resources and greater scale during antivirus scan storms.

Virtual Machine Protection

Agentless deployments protect Linux and Windows virtual machines while multiplatform deployments protect Windows virtual machines. For more details on our extensive list of supported operating systems and other requirements, please check out McAfee MOVE AntiVirus System Requirements.

Learn More

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus is sold standalone and is part of our hybrid cloud server security suites. Here’s where you can get additional information:

McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials

McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus


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