The Scan: 10 Tips for Small Business Security

By on Jun 02, 2014

Hey guys, I’m Bradi and you’re watching The Scan. Today, we’re giving you 10 simple things you can be doing to keep your business more secure. Ready? I want to see all of you taking notes…

1. Train your employees to use strong passwords and avoid suspicious links and attachments. Your cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link.

2. Do you know where all your confidential information is? Locate and limit access to private data.

3. Identify and secure all devices your employees use, including thumb drives, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

4. Protect network access with virtual private networks and firewalls.

5. Keep your servers and unused devices safe behind locked doors with limited access.

6. Keep your facilities safe! Don’t let strangers wander the halls and limit physical access with locked doors and managed entry systems.

7. Protect your website and ensure safe browsing. Reassure your customers with trustmarks on your website and protect employees with strong anti-malware software.

8. Set clear, written cybersecurity policies on use and disposal of confidential documents and devices – don’t make your employees guess.

9. Make sure you’re properly disposing end-of-life devices and documents. Foil would-be dumpster divers by physically shredding old paper documents and digitally shredding data on discarded devices.

10. Be sure to conduct thorough background and reference checks before hiring new employees. You never know – Clark the mailroom guy could turn out to be the world’s most wanted cyber criminal. Just as an example. Sorry, Clark.

There you have it – ten simple ways to help make your business more secure. For more tips and information, log on to



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  1. That’s great information. I wish there was something to explain when things are found. How to dispose of them. There are stinger sites but no instructions on how to go about using them or which type you would need for what type of virus or suspious website. I have one, I downloaded a stinger but now what? There is no instructions on how to use it on the problem.

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