SIEM Enables Cloud Security & Reduces Time & Resources for Compliance

By on Mar 24, 2014

This blog post was written by Karl Klaessig.

DTS is one of the larger systems companies in Germany, with around 140 team members in six locations.  Mid-sized and enterprise companies, as well as public institutions, rely on DTS to meet high data security demands and remain compliant with domestic and international regulations.

The challenge for the security professionals at DTS was one of scalability: company growth, an array of expensive security systems, and the increased demand of securing cloud computing applications among its customers required extensive administration and management time. To solve this problem, DTS committed itself to finding an integrated security and compliance solution capable of relieving internal resource pressures and fulfilling current and future security requirements, including cloud applications. It found that solution in McAfee’s SIEM offering, Enterprise Security Manager (ESM).

Implementing McAfee’s SIEM solution relieved pressure on the DTS Data Centre Team, which faced the challenge of processing and evaluating exponentially growing data from its cloud business model.

Effective security requires real-time visibility into all systems, networks, databases, applications, and users; Enterprise Security Manager made this possible and easily scalable across a growing customer base.

Today, security specialists at DTS spend roughly 50% less time on evaluation and structural management of event and system information.  Security experts also receive risk-relevant, real-time information that allows shorter reaction times when threats arise. Complete audits protocols and reports for common compliance standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, BASEL II, or SOX can be created at any time, helping DTS and its customers to ensure compliance.

With McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, DTS achieved two important goals: First, the ability to offer their customers professional services for adhering to compliance and statutory guidelines. ESM’s Hundreds of pre-installed dashboards and reports allow to more quickly and efficiently respond to the different compliance requirements of their customers. Second, rather than letting routine administration and management tasks devour time, security specialists at DTS can now spend more time to focus on innovative new services and projects for their customers.

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