10 McAfee Women Share Top Career Highlights

Looking to reach your career best? At McAfee, we invest in your growth and development to help you get there. In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked members of our McAfee Women in Security Community (WISE) to share their favorite experiences at past and present jobs, including what they love about working at McAfee.

  1. “Back in the mid-2000’s, I worked for a startup company in infrastructure services. One of the most exhilarating moments was winning a five-year $30 million-dollar services deal. This one deal enabled us to move into new emerging markets, develop our position and compete with bigger service providers. When we won, we couldn’t quite believe it—it was one of those surreal moments you never forget. When I look back now, I realize I was very fortunate to have a mentor and boss who demonstrated his trust in me (so early in my career!) to pursue a deal that was very high risk to the company.” —Mandy, Director, Sales
  2. My biggest career moment has been meeting the Minister of Veterans Affairs on Parliament Hill while the House of Commons was sitting and discussing how analytics could help veterans and PTSD. When I think about what I love about my job and what I do, I’m in sales and have always been in sales. I’m a ‘people person.’ I love networking and solving customer issues. I could argue I’ve been in sales since Girl Guide Cookies!” —Eliane, Director, Sales
  3. One of my favorite career highlights has definitely been being part of the WISE Board at McAfee. I get to work with smart, diverse, global women who truly want to help each other and make a difference. Also, the people (our internal teams and our customers) are truly the best. I love working with passionate caring people that want to make a difference and keep people safe!” —Brenda, North America Consumer Sales & WISE Board Member
  4. My biggest career highlight is achieving the title of principal engineer in McAfee. I’m honored and humbled to be one of three women in PEs out of 7000+ people in McAfee. It allows me to have a broad vision of the company and a large platform to enable change and impact. I love my job because I am able to work on challenging projects and have a very supportive, diverse group that supports and empowers me to make an impact.” —Catherine, Principal Engineer & Senior Data Scientist
  5. My biggest career highlight was becoming a principal engineer! I have loved numbers since I was in kindergarten. One of my first school reports says ‘Sorcha is working her way through her math with obvious enjoyment.’ I love my data tools and I have one of the biggest and most interesting data sets in the world with Global Threat Intelligence data!” —Sorcha, Principal Engineer, Lead Data Scientist
  6. My biggest career highlight was winning Worldwide Sales Director of the Year for FY 2017, hands down! My team won 5/6 awards at Club that year. Knowing we had a significant impact on McAfee and experiencing that level of success as a team was an amazing feeling. I still feel so incredibly proud to be part of this team. Every day is different and each day brings a new challenge to solve. Sales can be a roller coaster; staying focused on problem solving for the customer helps me stay connected to the purpose. When you consider what we are tasked with protecting, it’s impossible not to feel like we are doing something meaningful.” —Marty, VP Sales Enterprise East & Global WISE President
  7. My biggest career highlight was transitioning into my current role and finishing my first year in this position by presenting at MPOWER 2019. I love being a professional in cybersecurity and helping keep people safe is something I am very proud of. McAfee has also provided me with work life balance that ensures I have quality time with my family.” —Shelly, Professional Services Consultant
  8. “I started with a simple job of web categorization and became a security researcher handling large and complex data and automation for my team. I love my job because I’ve been able to grow with it. I do a lot of research and analysis. It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together, the kind of challenge I enjoy. At the beginning, I don’t know what the pieces are or what they mean—but as I do research, collect data, and put it all together, then it becomes something meaningful.” —Kyoko, Security Researcher
  9. My biggest career highlight has been my seamless transition into my current role and being an active member of WISE, Toastmasters and Culture Club. I enjoy the opportunity to work with different people every single day. Looking at the big picture, connecting the dots and dealing with uncertainties while helping the team stay on track keeps me on my toes. McAfee has an amazing culture with extraordinary people and getting to know them every single day has been delightful.” —Arathi, Technical Program Manager
  10. “Solving specific customers’ problems and contributing to making sure McAfee is recognized as the cloud security thought leader feels great. It’s thrilling to use my whole self to help solve a global problem using strategic thinking, technical understanding and traditionally feminine skills I bring, like storytelling and compassionate communication. The mission of protecting what matters is really meaningful to me. Second, I love my varied work—from storytelling and technical analysis (every architecture is a story) to influencing customer security executives and encouraging the next generation of security professionals. Third, PEOPLE. Thank you to all of my colleagues who encourage me, improve my results by challenging me and especially those who do both!” —Brooke, Sr. Cloud Architect/Strategist

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