First 30 Days at McAfee: Pups at Work, VR and Pledge Wall

By Beth, HR Communication Specialist in Plano, Texas.

For the last six consecutive years, The Dallas Morning News has recognized McAfee as one of the Top 100 Places to Work. But still, day one didn’t come without its nerves. I was joining the largest dedicated security company and making my biggest career move yet.

Now one month later, I can say McAfee’s accolades are well deserved. If the dog-friendly Friday policy wasn’t enough to convince me, I’m surrounded by talented people, doing meaningful work. Here are three things that stand out about McAfee after my first 30 days.

One Big Team.

Together is power. Cybersecurity is a team sport. Let’s work together. If you can’t tell, McAfee’s brand is built on the belief there is power in working together to stop cyberthreats. And in the interview process, I heard, “We are one big team.” You never know the truth until you’re immersed in the company, so it’s reassuring to find this holds water.

In recent months, McAfee emerged as an independent company. As part of the Human Resources Communication team, I’m working with our global HR team to roll out new processes, procedures, culture initiatives and more. I’m constantly impressed with the level of collaboration and willingness to adjust course as needed. I already feel part of the McAfee team.

Think Big.

As a cybersecurity company, innovation is necessary to stay ahead of the curve, ahead of the threats. But thinking creatively isn’t just limited to the engineers. Leadership encourages it in all facets of the organization, including on my HR Communication team.

During my first week, my team was tasked with creating a recruitment video. Video is a staple for all communicators. But in an environment encouraging innovative thinking, we went a step further by producing a 360° video! I hit the ground running and in just 30 days, we went from conception to completion. With the right team and mindset, no idea is too big.

Working for a company that never settles means you won’t face a stagnant career at McAfee. With no experience in 360° video and in my first month no less, I was entrusted with an exciting, cutting-edge project. McAfee is a place to carry out your big ideas, develop new skills and advance your career.

Surprise! Cybersecurity is Important.

In true millennial fashion, I wanted a job with a strong sense of purpose. So, I spent the bulk of my career in the nonprofit realm, working towards alleviating poverty, empowering women, building a better world. I looked forward to my career shakeup, but would I sacrifice meaning moving to McAfee? The answer is a resounding no.

In orientation on day one, the facilitator asked us newbies to envision a world of autonomous vehicles, where my commute transforms into a time for productivity or relaxation (anything but frustration!). What happens if an attacker targeted that technology? The results? Disastrous. And fear of catastrophe could stop innovation in its tracks.

For me, this brought a new appreciation of McAfee’s purpose to protect all that matters and drive limitless innovation, securely. But this is no shocking revelation for those already devoted to the cause, evidenced by McAfee’s pledge wall.

This can’t-miss, bright red wall allows employees to voluntarily show their commitment to defending the world against cyberattacks. I admit, I was eager to add my name. When I found hardly any empty space to sign, I knew McAfee was more than just a company with a purpose. It’s a company filled with purpose-driven, passionate people.

Thirty days ago, I walked into McAfee with high expectations and I’m happy to say McAfee exceeded them all. I’m proud to work alongside an inspiring team doing work full of purpose. I look forward to all the experiences and learning McAfee will bring!

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