McAfee Interns Share Their Experience for #NationalInternDay

By Christie, HR Communications Intern

As someone who always wanted to make an impact in the world, I thought nonprofit was the only fit for my passions in marketing and philanthropy. Because of this, I’ve worked primarily in the nonprofit sector for the last three years. But to keep my options open, I desired to experience at least one corporate internship before I graduated college.

I wasn’t sure if any company would take me under its wing due to my lack of corporate experience though. That was until McAfee offered me the opportunity to work with them this summer.

As a senior in college, McAfee provided me the real-life experience I hoped for and more. Below are the top three reasons why my internship experience with McAfee has truly been nothing less than invaluable:

Playing to Win Even as an Intern

Since day one, I knew this internship was unique and not like any other. Everyone at McAfee works with agility. Although the nonprofit industry is notorious for moving fast, it is still fascinating to see employees so eager to work on tasks of all sizes with such drive and efficiency.

Instead of being delegated tasks to fulfill, I get to share what I want to work on and what I want to take away from my time working with McAfee.

As a huge social media enthusiast, I helped manage @LifeatMcAfee’s Instagram strategy from implementing new social trends, generating online advertisements and publishing my own designs.

But the best part? I am not seen or approached as an intern, but as a team member. I am held to the same expectations and given the same opportunities – being able to add value to the team and carry out real, impactful work every day.

People First and Foremost

If I’ve learned anything from my first 10 weeks here, it is that McAfee genuinely values its employees and community. McAfee does not shy away from diversity or from supporting its employees in every way possible.

I experienced this firsthand by assisting with social media during Pride Month by covering the Global LGBT Pride Photo Competition, Gender Revolution Documentary Watch Party and Keyeon’s “How I Wear My #McAfee Pride” Life at McAfee blog. Although this doesn’t fully portray how McAfee practices inclusive candor and transparency, it really showed me how McAfee embraces diversity and its employees’ authentic selves.

Giving back is also very important in McAfee’s company culture. This is visible through its various events and programs such as Global Community Service Day, McAfee Explorers, Bring Your Kid to Work Day, McAfee Blood Drive, and the list goes on and on. This undeniably displayed to me McAfee also shares my value of making a positive impact on the world. And knowing colleagues share this significant value with me, reinforced McAfee as a truly one tight-knit, loving family.

Together is Power

On the first day of my internship, I signed my name on the McAfee Pledge Wall among all the other employees’ signatures – signifying our single pledge to defend the world from cyber threats.

This symbolic gesture is evident every day when I step my foot into the office. I work with people from different positions, departments and even countries. Everyone is always willing to help, even in projects they’re not involved in.

This sense of togetherness is something I really value and believe is one of the best things about working at McAfee. We all have one mission that we want to fulfill and strive towards every day, together.

An Unforgettable Experience

McAfee makes an impact in the world every day by providing the best cybersecurity possible, but also gives back to the community and its employees through its various educational and community outreach programs. But notably, McAfee has made a lasting impact on me. These short 10 weeks have shown me my career options are unlimited and I can truly make a difference in any field of work, especially with a great team that strives to fulfill the same mission as I do every day.

Read from other McAfee interns from around the globe about their internship experiences below!

Internship Experiences at McAfee


Juan – Customer Experience (Argentina)

“These past few months, I got to meet some of the most talented people and all of them were eager to share their knowledge and expertise with me. McAfee is truly a great place to work while making our world and our communities a safer place.”





Emily – Digital Marketing & Content Operations (US)

“I get to help my team work on redesigning our Marketing Intranet, so that new Marketing hires, as well as existing employees, can have a resource to answer questions they may have. I really love working here at McAfee!”





Adam – Human Resources & Talent Acquisition (Ireland)

“This opportunity has provided me with priceless experience and insight into one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the world. I have been extremely privileged to have been given the responsibilities I have had during my time here and I have gleaned a vast amount of experience as a result.”




Mark – Advanced Threat Research (US)

“I got to meet all the wonderful people I’d be working most closely with, whose locations ranged from Dallas to the UK. McAfee places importance on interpersonal relationships in their teams and even as an intern, I was treated as one of the gang since day one.”





Csaradhi – Platform Engineering (India)

“The transition from college to corporate life has been so beautiful. I’ve learned so many tings apart from the technical aspects. I thank McAfee for choosing to believe in me and I’m here to make the most of it.”




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