How I Wear My #McAfeePride

By: Keyeon, Business Development Representative

Imagine if you felt like you had to keep a secret from everyone you know, because if you told someone, then you might lose family, friends, healthcare coverage, money or worse, your dignity. Being open at work can be a challenge. No one wants to feel that their job is at risk or opportunities for advancement are limited. According to the Human Rights Campaign, 35% of LGBT employees feel compelled to lie about their personal lives while at work. As for me, I’m proud to be part of the 65% who feel comfortable to bring my full, authentic self to work.

This Pride month, I’m celebrating my first year at McAfee. Moving to a different city by yourself comes with a few obstacles—especially when you move only two weeks after graduating college. Once I started my job at McAfee, I doubted how OPEN I could truly be. Between the endless support from coworkers who welcomed me with open arms, to McAfee’s Pride flag flying high in the sky next to the American flag, I quickly realized that I was in the right place.


In the spirit of Pride month, McAfee is hosting month-long celebrations around the globe including flag raising ceremonies, on-site Gender Revolution showings, ice cream socials and my favorite: the #McAfeePride photo challenge. During the first week of June, employees wore a different color of the Pride flag each day. Below are photos of how I wore my #McAfeePride.

Each color represents something specific to show the diversity of the LGBT community. Coming to work and seeing people wearing these colors makes me feel proud. Reports show people are afraid to come out of the closet at work because they’re afraid that they won’t be accepted. By showing that you’re an ally to the LGBT community, you are encouraging others who may feel alone.

The Value of Inclusiveness

At McAfee, we value inclusive candor and transparency. This value clearly represents how McAfee runs towards diversity and encourages people to be who they are without fear.

You’ll find proof of this within the McAfee LGBT Community. This exists so that every day, not just during the month of June, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community can feel proud at work. The McAfee LGBT Community courageously challenges and eliminates perceptions about LGBT employees and allies. They support inclusiveness and business principles by bolstering efforts to recruit, integrate and retain LGBT employees and allies in the workforce.

Working at McAfee has given me mentors and friends that I would have never gained working at a different company. My colleagues don’t judge me for my orientation. Instead, they care about the ideas I bring to the table and the dedication I show my team every day. No human should ever feel afraid of acceptance in the workplace, which is why I am proud to be a part of the McAfee family.

I’m Keyeon and I love to live LIFE to the fullest. I have a rough past, but I’m HEALING with no scars. When I walk into a room, my smile brings a ray of SUNLIGHT. I am one with NATURE and practice the ART of having a joyful SPIRIT each and every day. I am McAfee, We are McAfee, and You are McAfee!

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