How My McAfee Internship Launched My Career

By: Ruby, Digital Media Specialist

It’s often assumed that interns are usually college undergraduates with a temporary assignment. I’m an exception to the rule in both respects. I started as a McAfee intern while I was a part-time graduate MBA student at Santa Clara University. Through my internship, I secured a full-time position on McAfee’s Digital Media team.

A Life-Changing Experience

My internship at McAfee has literally changed my life. I’ve been able to explore various aspects of marketing—starting out in Digital Content Operations where I helped with website content and design—and later transitioning to the Digital Media team. It was here that I discovered my love for digital media, found my niche in marketing and earned my position as a full-time McAfee employee.

I love my work, but over the three years I have been at McAfee, there are two primary reasons why I’ve never considered moving on: the people and culture. There’s a real opportunity at McAfee to build an exciting career, even from a standing start as an intern.

When I started my internship at McAfee, I worked with a group of marketing interns and had the opportunity to create relationships with everyone on the Content Marketing team. Several co-workers took me under their wing which helped me tremendously and was key in enabling me to advance to where I am today. McAfee has a unique culture full of learning, innovation, excellence, and challenge—with everyone supporting each other.

Out and About for McAfee

McAfee makes it a point to send interns to conferences and events. During my internship, I traveled to Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, RSA Conference in San Francisco and attended MPower Cybersecurity Summit twice, a McAfee customer event in Las Vegas!

Black Hat was amazing and probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. All four events opened my eyes to the power of real-time social media, as well as the importance of cybersecurity to enterprises and individuals alike.

Wearing Many Hats: A Balancing Act

I am often asked how I balance full-time employment with school and everything else in life. While the answer may seem simple, (good time management and stress relief outlets!) anyone who wears multiple hats knows that life can be a balancing act. To tackle stress, it’s all about working out for me! In addition to working at McAfee and pursuing my school studies, I’m a half marathon, triathlon and swim coach.

The culture at McAfee has been a huge gift. My managers understand the challenges I face and the benefits my MBA will bring both to me and the company. They have been very supportive of my school schedule along the way.

McAfee helped me launch my career and find work that I’m passionate about while pursuing higher education. I have an exciting and challenging career path ahead of me and I’ve made several lifelong friendships that would never have happened if it were not for McAfee. It’s a great place to be and I am thankful to be here!

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