How the McAfee Rotation Program is Providing Opportunities

 By: Darius, Sales & Marketing Rotation Engineer

“The sky is the limit.” It’s a phrase I heard frequently growing up, in school, college and university. To me, the phrase means there are endless opportunities. So, my nine-year-old self desired to be a racecar driver, my freshman year ambition was to be a developer and then my “final” plan was to work in power transmission/distribution or renewable energy.

After graduation, with all these possibilities, I still didn’t really have a clear picture of what I wanted to do. I focused on volunteering and earning great grades in school, but like many of my peers, I hadn’t really prepared for life after college. I hadn’t thought seriously enough about my career path.

What I did know was this: I wanted to use my technical skills while at the same time learn the business side of an industry. It was my broad interest that led me to the McAfee Rotation Program (MRP) in the summer of 2017.

Wide-ranging Experience

The MRP is perfect for anyone who is attracted to the cybersecurity industry but wants experience in a range of business units. I’m gaining extensive knowledge of cybersecurity products and services, developing my technical and business acumen, building communication skills and expanding my network.

The MRP consist of five four-month placements known as “rotations.” This includes our Professional Services, Pre-Sales Engineering, the Security Operations Center, Support and Sales Operations units.

During the first three of my five rotations, I’ve had the opportunity to build my brand, learn McAfee values and business strategies, make a real impact on the departments I’ve worked with and learn from outstanding mentors.

No Fear!

We innovate without fear—this is an important McAfee value. The MRP gave me several opportunities to become a trailblazer and make a real impact with fresh ideas.

During my first rotation in Professional Services, I helped to accelerate the sales cycle with a new opportunity tracking system that included weekly reports. My line management and I could see an instant difference with the new system, which was most satisfying. I am grateful to work for a company that encourages innovation and creative thinking.

Rapid Learning

In my second rotation with Pre-Sales Engineering, I took on detailed product knowledge in multiple solutions through the projects I worked on in my day-to-day job experience.

With mentorship from senior sales engineers, I put my new knowledge and understanding to the test when I demonstrated McAfee’s Endpoint Security and Threat Intelligence Exchange solutions to a customer. This also gave me the chance to work with technical and commercial departments simultaneously.

My rapid acquisition of knowledge, understanding and experience continued in my third rotation with our Security Operations Center (SOC). In the SOC, I have learned first-hand how vital security is and gained a broad spread of new skills and knowledge, applicable across all business units.

Opportunities Abound

The MRP has created opportunities that I could never have imagined. “The sky is the limit” has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

During my first year at McAfee, I have grown professionally, become a more well-rounded individual and experienced more about business operations than many people do throughout their entire career. I can’t recommend the McAfee Rotation Program enough. It’s given me confidence that I can achieve great things—but I’m also honing in on what I want to do with my career and where my skills are best suited. I can’t wait to see what the next two rotations bring!

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