The Legacy Continues – What Black History Month Means to Us

By Karla, Digital Media Specialist

At McAfee, we celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our global workforce year-round, but during the month of February, we are proud to celebrate Black History Month! McAfee has an ongoing commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where employees have the freedom to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

This month we are featuring our McAfee African Heritage Community (MAHC). The MAHC is committed to delivering education, culture awareness, mentoring programs, community involvement and advancing diversity and inclusion within McAfee’s culture.

Get an inside look on what Black History Month means to our leaders of MAHC and how they’re continuing the legacy here at McAfee.

Living the Legacy at McAfee

Kristol, Enterprise Account Manager 

“As a child raised by parents of the 50’s, I am grateful for their sacrifice and fight for racial equality in the workplace. My mother was the first African American woman hired at one of the largest car manufacturing plants in Dallas, and my father retired from the same company after 36 years of dedicated service. As President of McAfee’s African Heritage Community, my goal is to spread knowledge of our culture to employees of all ethnicities and increase diversity while celebrating McAfee’s mission.”  




Philip, Program Manager of People First Office

“The celebration of Black History Month is truly a celebration of American history. There lies no separation between the two. I am proud to be a member of such a transcendent culture formed by a group of brilliant, strong, courageous, and passionate individuals whose influence has spread around the world. It is through people like my “extended work family” in the McAfee African Heritage Community that our ancestor’s legacy continues.”




Shellee, Sales Learning Analyst

“As an African American woman, I am on a journey to continue to break down barriers for progress for black women in corporate America. I work hard to leave the “I can too” ideology upon my daughters and those around me.  McAfee is working to make strides in the realm of diversity and I am proud to be a part of our African Heritage Community which allows me a platform to do my part in lighting a path for others.”




Kendrick, Customer Service

“When I study our history, I see that who we are and what we represent is pure greatness. I am grateful for the sacrifices and achievements made by our ancestors and feel empowered to carry forward that same level of greatness. Working at McAfee provides me a platform to demonstrate that greatness with my fellow African Heritage Community members and help others to learn and understand our culture.”




Norma, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

“I am passionate about learning and educating employees about the history of my African heritage and the influence it has had in my life, America, and the world. I am grateful that McAfee has a culture that allows us to educate and share our unique perspectives with others about our culture and community. In educating ourselves and others, I hope to continue to influence an environment of inclusion at McAfee.”




Kent, Associate Technical Support Engineer 

“As a child of Trinidadian and Grenadian immigrants, my parents dream was to offer a better way of life for their future generations. I am proud to say that I am the embodiment of their dreams, and daily I am offered the opportunity to help debunk cultural stereotypes and leave a legacy for my future generations. Fostering diversity within McAfee creates relationships with people from different ethnicities and encourages compassion amongst peers and is a major part of what makes it a Great Place to Work.”



Edward, Director of Customer Success 

“I strive to be the embodiment of my ancestor’s dreams. From the bluegrass hilltops of Kentucky to the shores of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, I am who I am because of every struggle and every sacrifice and lesson. Their legacy continues through me…I am my brother’s keeper. McAfee’s African Heritage Community gives me the opportunity to share the wisdoms, stories, successes and trials of our culture with employees and embrace the growing diversity within McAfee.”




Toni, Head of People First Office

“McAfee’s mission is noble and inspired by the power of working together and uniting to overcome the greatest challenge of the digital age—cybercrime; It’s easy to lead diversity and inclusion efforts at a company committed to making the connected world more secure. My history is a legacy of dreamers, doers, and innovators who have contributed an overwhelming amount of sacrifice so that we live a secure present and future world. I’m proud to join in with McAfee’s African Heritage Community to celebrate Black History not only in February but every day.”  



Kevin, Technical Operations Manager 

“I use Black History Month as a time of reflection on all the accomplishments by people of color that have contributed to making the world a safer and more comfortable place. For example, Garrett Morgan, inventor of the traffic light, or Dr. Mark Dean, inventor of the color PC monitor and the 1st Gigahertz chip. I’m encouraged seeing the next generation understand that they too can leave a positive impact on our world regardless of race, gender, or religion.”




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