The Kids are in Charge

By Ribu, Communications Manager 

Kids are wonderful, aren’t they? And what could be better than having a record-breaking 500 children liven up McAfee’s India Development Center on our annual Kids@Work Day.

This annual gathering transforms our Bangalore site from an everyday office to a Wonderland. It is very common to see the kids dressed as their favorite Disney characters, and joining in on painting, magic and even an employee-led puppet show. We also give kids problem-solving challenges and encourage them to explore and learn as much as they can.

We love seeing the awe and excitement from children as they get a glimpse of what their mom or dad do every day at work (we are yet to break the news to them that we don’t dress up as Disney characters EVERY day!). And working in cybersecurity where there’s a clear talent shortage in this space, it’s important we do our bit to show future generations what a STEM education could provide them.

McAfee volunteers from across the organization pitch in to make this annual event the success that it is. It’s no small task organizing an action-packed event that will meet the needs of these inquisitive minds. The fact that this event continues to grow in size and grandeur every year, shows the passion and commitment from parents and from McAfee.

It’s incredibly encouraging to see each of us working together to create a fun, energy-filled and festive atmosphere at McAfee. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for our next Kids Day in India!

Take Your Child to Work programs were originally established in 1992 by Australia, the United States, and Canada as a response to research showing a lack of confidence in young girls leading to a high dropout rate. Since then the programs have moved from the education system to the corporate world, expanded to include young boys and found their ways to other cultures and emerging cities. McAfee is proud to do its part in embracing the great history of Bring Your Child to Work programs. Our Kids’ Day event is just one way McAfee is redefining its culture and creating new relationship builders for McAfee employees. Learn about McAfee culture and vision!

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